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Using Hammer Editor - Can anyone give tips?

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  • Using Hammer Editor - Can anyone give tips?


    I want to make a small map on my own, and have only read some tuts on Hammer yet.
    What I have done so far is a detailed sketch on paper, with some notes what certain rooms do, what kind of "hazards" I want (dim map, you can switch power on for lights but it will eletcrify some office area with wet floor, for example) etc.

    I have "drawn" the floors in hammer already, and started making the walls.
    What I need to know now is: Whats the standard height of AS:I walls in corridoors, is 256 ok (128 being standard in HL2)? Whats the standard width so 4 marines can run and dont block each other, would 382 be enough?

    And what happens to the ceiling area, do I need to create a black skybox, or just a giant hollow cube?

    Also, im a little confused by the look the map has in Hammer. The walls and floors are 64 units thick, and it looks funny.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This should be helpful:
    And here are some more hints and helpful things:



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      Oh man, thanks vm!!
      I was looking for a tut about alien swarm maps just like the one you linked.