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    I've shot a few PMs around here and there but didn't get any feedback. Hopefully I can get some in here.

    I'm having questions on the map-textures used in Mission Details. I was wondering what kind of techniques were used to get that style of texture, and how it became exactly proportionate to the map itself. I know it couldn't have been, 'draw a line and pray it works with trial and error', as that would have been hell of frustrating.

    If any staff or people familiar with things know how this is done, I would greatly appreciate it.

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      Thank you. I've somehow managed to never stumble over that page. I was also wondering though about the kinds of filters and such that was used when these textures were created -- the effects, so to say, that have the 'official map' level of detail about them. I know its a bit more than simple scanlines.


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        Hi, Dalai!
        Have you any time to answer posts in your profile?