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Map doesn't show up in the Campaign browser.

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  • Map doesn't show up in the Campaign browser.

    Hello Forum.

    I'm pretty new to mapping and have a problem now and i hope you can help me with it.
    I did a proper map with the right amount of spawnzones and running the map isn't a problem too. So i actually wanted to try out the map with some friends of mine and set it into VPK. I think that this VPK is more confusing than the theory of relativity but nevermind that.
    I set up the VPK over the tutorial. ( can i post a link to another side or rather not? )
    Then i pressed the VPK and it said "succesfully installed". I start Alien swarm and check it out, the campaign is shown but sadly it doesn't seem to have a map linked to it. Its just empty. And when i try to start the campaign anyway, it's stuck on the "Create Game" side.

    Does anyone know how to handle this problem?

    "Campaign Name" Folder
    - maps
    - - contains my map .bsp
    - material
    - - vgui
    - - - doesn't contain anything since i don't have a custom texture pack inside the map
    - resource
    - - campaigns
    - - - contains the .txt file with informations about the map and campaign, linking to eachother. (there is maybe the problem)
    - - overview
    - - - contains the .txt file about the map and stuff, but i didn't change anything from the default one because i didn't do a map or a campaign icon at all

    I don't have any other files in there

    Thanking you in anticipation.
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    I cant remember at all but this should have the answer if you didnt use it already. Go over the addoninfo.txt with a fine tooth comb to ensure its absolutely correct tho, i do remember that being a finicky bitch. Also make sure the file structure is absolutely correct too.
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      Thanks but i already tried this tutorial too.

      And actually this (which is much better)

      I will just show you the txt i got, maybe you know what i got wrong (hopefully):

      // The addoninfo.txt file is a metadata file that is required by all Source Engine Add-ons.

      addonSteamAppID 630 // 630 is the app ID for Alien Swarm
      addontitle "The_Queen_Is_History" // Add-on title that shows up in Add-ons list. ~20 chars max
      addonversion 1.0 // Version number of add-on version of the form <major>.<minor>
      addontagline "The Queen has returned, travel through time and kill her." // Add-on tagline or wrap-up- a short description. ~100 chars max
      addonauthor "Cronos" // Name/alias of the author
      addonSteamGroupName "" // (Optional) Steam group related to the add-on. We use this to construct a URL to the group page.
      addonauthorSteamID "" // (Optional) Steam ID of author. We use this to construct a URL to the author's page.
      addonContent_Campaign 1 //This addon provides muliple connected maps with a finale
      addonURL0 "" //An html home page for the add-on that includes a download link.

      // short description that appears in the Add-on list screen...
      addonDescription "The Queen has returned, travel through time and kill her."


      the txt inside the campaigns folder

      // identifier for this campaign
      "CampaignName" "The_Queen_Is_History"

      // description shown on the main menu when choosing which campaign to play
      "CampaignDescription" "The Queen is free again, chase her through history and kill her."

      // texture used on the main menu when choosing which campaign to play
      "ChooseCampaignTexture" "swarm/campaign/jacob_galacticmap"

      // texture used on the campaign screen for the map
      "CampaignTextureName" "swarm/campaign/jacob_galacticmap"

      // these textures are overlaid on top of the campaign map in order
      "CampaignTextureLayer1" "swarm/Campaign/CampaignMap_EmptyLayer" //"CampaignTextureLayer1" "swarm/Campaign/JacobCampaignMap_Haze"
      "CampaignTextureLayer2" "swarm/Campaign/CampaignMap_EmptyLayer" //"CampaignTextureLayer2" "swarm/Campaign/JacobCampaignMap_SnowNear"
      "CampaignTextureLayer3" "swarm/Campaign/CampaignMap_EmptyLayer" //"CampaignTextureLayer3" "swarm/Campaign/JacobCampaignMap_SnowFar"

      // custom campaign credits file
      //"CustomCreditsFile" "resource/CustomCampaignCredits"

      // position of this campaign in the galactic map (coords go from 0 to 1023)
      "GalaxyX" "660"
      "GalaxyY" "262"

      // searchlights (optional, max of 4)
      // angle: 0 is right, 90 is up, 180 is left, 270 is down
      //"Searchlight1X" "217"
      //"Searchlight1Y" "860"
      //"Searchlight1Angle" "80"
      //"Searchlight2X" "263"
      //"Searchlight2Y" "751"
      //"Searchlight2Angle" "100"
      //"Searchlight3X" "92"
      //"Searchlight3Y" "446"
      //"Searchlight3Angle" "90"
      //"Searchlight4X" "580"
      //"Searchlight4Y" "266"
      //"Searchlight4Angle" "90"

      // first mission entry is a dummy for the starting point
      "MissionName" "Entry Port"
      "MapName" "start_area"
      "LocationX" "330"
      "LocationY" "780"
      "DifficultyModifier" "-2"
      "Links" "time_machine"
      "LocationDescription" "Home Base"
      "ShortBriefing" "Dropship Bloodhound will enter atmosphere at these co-ordinates and proceed to primary objective."

      // each mission listed
      "MissionName" "Time Machine" // name used on the map screen, etc.
      "MapName" "time_machine" // name of the map file
      "LocationX" "525" // location of the dot on the map
      "LocationY" "700" // (from 0 to 1023, on the above texture)
      "ThreatString" "1" // Threat level string to help players decide where to go next
      "Links" "start_area" // map names of neighbours (if single map just put the first map name in again.
      "LocationDescription" "Secret Lab"
      "ShortBriefing" "Get inside the lab and find a way to the time machine."
      "AlwaysVisible" "1"
      "NeedsMoreThanOneMarine" "0" // If set to 1, two players need to be connected to play (no solo play)


      The txt inside the overview folder

      // radar map position and scale (see the Valve Wiki for more information:
      "pos_x" "0"
      "pos_y" "0"
      "scale" "20.0"

      // material used for the radar map (in the bottom left corner)
      "material" "vgui/swarm/Computer/ComputerScan" // example: "vgui/swarm/Overviews/landingbay02Overview"

      // material used for the briefing map (shown before the mission starts)
      "briefingmaterial" "vgui/swarm/MissionPics/UnknownMissionPic" // example: "vgui/swarm/Overviews/landingbay02briefingOverview"

      // Title of the mission
      "missiontitle" "Time machine"
      // Description text shown for the mission
      "description" "Enter the secret area and find the time machine"

      // Mission image that shows when selecting this mission
      "image" "swarm/MissionPics/UnknownMissionPic" //must be under "vgui" - dont include vgui in the path

      "version" "1.0"
      "author" "Cronos"
      "website" ""


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        1) Is the main structure of the vpk : maps folder, resource folder, material folder, addoninfo.txt?

        2) Could it be resources/overviews?

        Only other suggestions id have would be taking all that stuff out of the tutorial map folder and filling it with your own info, thats how i did it XD
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        My leet UT3 Map
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