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    Cool. My favorite short-form roguelike.

    I've been really impressed by the Resident Evil 7 demo on PC. Played through a few times. Did not expect it to be good.

    Also, Quadrilateral Cowboy, really anything Blendo is good.

    Looking forward to the Planescape Torment spiritual successor, Tides of Numenera in February.

    Also, you're still weird.


    • Could be worse. I could be a moose. Or an anteater!

      Hey, that video seems somehow familiar. If you like short roguelikes, Smith's Hand by the same guy was also a hoot.
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      • You know. I could have sworn I played something else by the guy, or at least using that same engine, which is sweet. Don't think I've played this though, so you made my day.
        Looks like here's all his RLs which helps me remember which I've played. Jacob's Matrix and Vicious Orcs were good.

        It's so tough to find the best 7DRLs.

        Here's my thanks. I'm sure you know of most, but hopefully not all of these.

        DF: Adventure Mode; TOME; CDDA (fav); IVAN (Iter Vehemens ad Necem); UnReal World; bRogue; whatever the DOOMRL called now; fuck ADOM; Nuclear Throne (roguelikelike); Incursion; SanctuaryRPG.


        • Classy as ever, I see.