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UMOD file installation help.

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  • UMOD file installation help.

    My HD is separated into 2 partitions. C: Windows drive, D: games and misc files

    The problem with Windows is that it needs to have a registry on every partition..not just the windows drive, so when i do a restore image once a month on to my windows drive I lost my registry and file associations for UT. So UMOD files don't automatically install anymore. So i cant install them right now.

    I need someone to look up the file association properties of *.UMOD and tell me what program executable runs them and what switches I need. A screen capture of the file association window would work best


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    There are programs to run Umod files.
    Check Fileplanet and the likes

    Second off, Do you know how many programs/games the use the registry to store important stuff!? About 99%!!!
    Everytime you restore you loose all those settings!
    Can be everything from version number, program part, in game settings and cdkeys you loose in the process! At least export some registery info before restoring harddrive.
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      Hmm you can as well just do a search on UMOD(s) + problem
      on a search engine. Since many ppl ran into trouble with them
      at some point, there are some easy workarounds for that.

      If you for some reason can't install a mutator by clicking on it, you can install it by opening the Run box and type: C:\UnrealTournament\System\Setup.exe install C:\UT-Temp\de.umod. The paths should of cause be changed so that they're right.
      EDIT: Yup about the little programs. I have "Unreal Services - UMOD Tool"
      This also let's you 'look inside' a UMOD before you install it.
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        I know the Registry holds a lot of info.. thats why there needs to be one on each partition/drive. A registry should be held on the drive a program is installed on, and then communicate with the Main registry program so that they are in sync. This way nothing on the D: -> Z: drives gets lost if windows crashes on the C: drive. Makes sense to me... but not microsoft I guess. But in all reality, with the exception of file association, there really isn't that much needed for games. I have installed: MaxPayne, TonyHawk, UT, Midtown Madness 1 + 2, and they all still work fine after a restore, even online. But i remember that UMOD files would install automatically if you double clicked them. Thats why I wanted someone to tell me the association syntax so I could re-associate it. But i think beowulf's solution will work too.