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Freeware Security Guide I made for Windows....

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  • Freeware Security Guide I made for Windows....

    Hey guys, just thought I'd drop by to tell everyone about my security guide for Windows. Although this is unrelated to UT, it has what I think is important to secure a system using freeware. Also keep in mind it's incomplete at the moment, some sections aren't finished.

    And please keep the flames to a minimum, any input is appreciated, also be sure to tell me about anything I missed
    (Also keep in mind I have all that stuff running when I'm playing UT2004 )
    Hope to see you guys playing Alien Swarm virus free

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    For the mods' information, this is apparently the long time Swarmer, first-time poster by the same name, not just any random joker.

    Mention Firefox with NoScript & Adblock Plus?

    HIPS & Clam Antivirus for Spyware Terminator are double-plus good as well.


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      IMO, there is only one way to remove spyware/malware/malicious viruses from your PC.

      Get the OS disk out and format your drive, and start over

      Otherwise you're just polishing a terd. It's never gonna look good.
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        Would do well to mention the excellent protection afforded by having some flavour of router/hardware firewall... But seems pretty good otherwise.
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          If you have a dual core cpu with vanderpool engine you can greately install the free ms virtual pc 2007 (or vmware or any other). Install xp on it and use it for all online activities. Your host system will stay safe all the time. (Sandbox)

          Online playing does not work though due to the lack of a fast emulated gpu
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            I wouldn't rely on using a virtual machine for security - there have been security flaws with the vm software in the past, and there will be in the future. Using such a flaw malware could infect the host machine and then it is all over.

            Of course, using non-standard setups always improves your security thanks to not being targeted.
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              I plan on adding in an IExplorer alternative section, and I'm going add in Firefox and Opera into there with extension information for both. (I happen to be a long time user of both so I'll include Adblock + NoScript and other addins )

              I just added in the firewall section, although I forgot to mention routers/hardware walls. <goes to update guide>

              I know about all that. Everytime someone asks me what they should do about their computer with 2489 viruses, I say BHAKAF.


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                Normal folks don't think to backup files unless you prod them, either. Unless you ask them specifically, they often forget things like address books and necessary program data. Flash drives save lives.