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500 Reasons you know you've been playing Theivery to much

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  • 500 Reasons you know you've been playing Theivery to much

    Ok, We must bond together to achieve this (STUPID, AND SAD) goal! Post your silly reasons here!

    Ok, here goes

    001 - You examine every shadow and wonder if it can be hidden in whilst walking in the street

    002 - You make "bling" noises when you pick up household objects

    003 - You shout "DEEDUMM" when you achieve something (I.e passing/finishing an exam)

    004 - When walking in the street at night, you keep looking down to see if you can be seen by others.

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    005: You've been on the forums long enough to have seen hundreds of this type of thread come and go.


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      006: You push crates all day long.

      007: You circle strafe your boss.

      008: You eat nothing 'but cheese and chicken.

      009: You like to set things on fire, especially inside your house.


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        010 : you pay attention to your own footsteps (true)
        011 : when hearing someone in a Hide&Seek game you shout "You have the silence of an Elephant !"
        012 : people find it disturbing how you look intensely at coin stacks or valuable objects...
        013 : you ask someone a catfall potion if you don't have the time to go down the stairs...
        014 : you're greatly temptated to jump on someone under you.


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          015 - You think Vimto(tm) makes you invisible.
          016 - You rub your face against the wall and expect to be able to see thru it.


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            017: While walking through a dark hall, you hear a noise and put your back to the wall while trying to pull out a flare (happened once...I had just woken up and I really panicked when I didn't find a flare).
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              018: When one of those infra red detection lights goes out you expect someone to be near you.
              019: You try to make the redcrosshair appear to pick up your keys in the drawer without opening it.


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                Let's see, since I play as a guard a lot...

                020 - You analyze every shadow and nook for potential thief hiding places
                021 - You hear someone walking up behind you and feel the urge to whip around and whack them upside the head with a sharp object
                022 - You have the urge to hit friends with a sword/mace a few times as a friendly gesture of greeting
                023 - You have scary/fun TUT dreams
                024 - You take the time to fill out silly "You know you've played too much" lists.

                Okay, that's enough



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                  025 - In your "flying" dreams, you move very similarly to "freecam mode."
                  026 - You steal some stuff from your friend's house, escape, and then stand in the street not knowing what to do with it.
                  027 - You expect to pick up large boxes with ease.
                  028 - You pretend cherry Robitussin is health potion when you cut yourself.
                  029 - You'd rather play Thievery than spend time with your hot girlfriend.
                  030 - You don't have a girlfriend.
                  031 - It's Saturday night and you're playing Thievery.


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                    Originally posted by Buho
                    026 - You steal some stuff from your friend's house, escape, and then stand in the street not knowing what to do with it.
                    I actually did this, almost, I screwed up and he came after me with a shovel.
                    It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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                      032 You've contributed to this list. (Doh!)


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                        033: You say Doh!! when reading line no. 032


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                          #34 After a long day of shopping, and walking, shopping and more walking, I suddenly think to myself.

                          My feet......zaaay ache!

                          #35 Stepping on a staple the other day.....and piercing my foot, I yell out, *OWAH!!*


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                            #36: When you are sleeping, you always recall games you've played, you analyze them and find new strategies for your traps.

                            #37: When you wake up and look at your sleeping brother (Tisfulakis) you are awfully tempted to kick his butt for being a BJ whore.
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                              038 - You sign your name with a tag
                              039 - When your day is over you say GG
                              040 - You cant resist grabing a can of Dr. Pepper
                              041 - There is a special room in your house filled with flashbombs, crack arrows, whistlers, mines, etc
                              042 - Every time you see a spider you kill it
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