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  • Banned.

    I hadn't planned on making this public, but V12US told me that this guy posts on the forums. So I decided I should share this with all of you.

    I was on the ToB Ghosting server today with a player named Soul something and Master Builder, also Grey Fox and Skull was there for a little while as well. We played a few great ghosting games! I really appreciate having a ghosting server up, because sometimes I really need to get away from the DMing that goes on around the servers. I need to escape my own DMing, too!

    While we were playing Theatre, I killed 2 thieves, and the rest were killed by the AI. There was one thief left, Master-Builder. A player named N00bieM4n, I think his name was, joined the game as Fashion_Police. He changed his name to n00biem4n, then joined guards with me and Soul. He proceeded to suicide at least once, and killed no thieves. Then I saw Master-Builder in the crypt area. I had no flares or firebolts or tagbolts or speed, so I chased him through the underground graveyard and into the church area, shouting "Thief Here!"

    I had no supplies, so he got away from me. But during this process n00biem4n was yelling at me, saying "Where? Where? Where?"

    I was in the middle of a chase, so didn't answer him. No time to type. Builder made it to the exit, and thieves won. It was a great game. Builder said..."Wow I can't believe I won!"

    N00bieM4n answered, "We had a nonce on our team" (Whatever that means) I asked who was the nonce, and he blamed the entire game on me. He said it was my fault we lost, and that he was killing the thief until "I ruined it." He said I chased him away and let him get away. So it was my fault.

    This would piss me off from anyone, but coming from a noobie, who was lying, because he had NO damage on his score, so he couldn't have been killing him, this REALLY made me mad. He carried it into the next game, calling me a fag and other stuff. I'm nice to noobies, and always try to help them, but this guy....

    So I called a vote and kicked him. I don't like to ban people, unless they're really raging. Just isn't the sort of thing I do. But he came back in a minute later, and called a vote to Kickban me. He voted yes, the only other player in the game voted no. He reconnected and voted yes again until I was banned.

    So, I guess you can realize I'm pretty pissed. I pmed Darkproject about this, but I couldn't resist *sharing* it with the other server admins. :wink:

    Darkproject, check the logs if you want, it'll confirm the happenings of this game.

    Now, I'd probably resist a ban from anyone, even if all the players in the game voted yes. But they didn't. It was just one guy, disconnecting and coming back in and voting yes each time.

    I can't stand people like this. :x

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    He used the reconnect exploit, only that is enough reason to ban him from TOB.


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      Ack... I missed the party.

      Should have stayed for some spider...

      Well, not that i am Master Builder..
      "There's no problem that can't be solved with a big crate!"


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        DP, get this guy's IP and post it in the admin's forum. I think I know who it is.


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          this happened to me (the kickban vote from one person) when I first got into thievery a while back. It was on a server that no-one knew who the admin was for a while.

          The guy who banned me was alliasing as Frantic, and said only "I want to be a thief" prior to doing it.

          I'm sure DP will sort it out.

          Rhymin & Stealin


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            No dragon. .. you were the NONCE! lol you deserved to be banned. Silly nonce's (Whatever the hell that is)


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              At least he wasn't a newbie, then.
              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                Er, I guess him being a noobie didn't really have anything to do with it. I was pissed at the moment, and I couldn't believe a "stupid n00b" would be so rude to me. But the disconnecting and reconnecting, voting yes...that's the problem.


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                  Dragon, this was no newbie. He's been around for a while.


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                    A nonce is an's an English word...
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                      Okay LR. I fell for his trick. Cause he sure was acting like a noobie. Running into the fire and killing himself, and he had a noobie "Greater than thou" attitude.

                      Aha! English... :lol:


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                        That damn English language! lol
                        Why can't you all speak American!?


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                          Originally posted by KewlAzMe
                          Why can't you all speak Norwegian!?
                          I agree! :grin:


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                            Okay. Now I see who that was...sorry, didn't realize who I was dealing with. Looks like I've made an enemy. :roll:


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                              Originally posted by KewlAzMe
                              That damn English language! lol
                              Why can't you all speak American!?
                              Do you know how many dialects there are in your "American" language?
                              Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, n. See also Irony.