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Well done Thwark!

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  • Well done Thwark!

    Hello, MegaDude writing under my old username (now usually used by a friend of mine). Just like to thank Thwark for banning me from the forum because I don't agree with him. I wasn't "flaming," didn't send loads of pm's or anything, kept the whole conversation in one thread, and just generally argued with people about something I feel strongly about. It's the "Snd! Movies!" topic if you're interested. I'm not that fussed, I can get me a new username, I use a variety of computers with different ip's at work as well as my home being a fairly widely roaming one- I just wondered if other people here thought he was being

    a) fair, or
    b) not.

    I love my daddy!

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    Just read the end of that thread. Sorry, you had it coming.


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      <Thwark> omg i band megadude
      <Lurox> Why?
      <Thwark> for flaming, and generally being a twat
      <Thwark> MegaDude was full of himself and flamed anyone who doesn't agree with him.

      If Thwark doesn't mind me digging quotes up. ^_^

      And, yes. I think it was fair. Every posts you made were ridiculous one-line negative comments. My "Your avatar sucks!" was nothing compared to that.


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        see, now, this is what you DON'T do if you get banned.

        I didn't ban you for disagreeing with me - you'll notice no one else i have disagreed with in past threads has been banned simply for disagreeing with me. You excessively insulted people, including me, over and over again. Even after i told you to stop, and indirectly warned you more than once, you just kept on doing it.

        I don't care how strongly you feel about something, you were out-of-line and you know it. Thus, you were banned. That's it. It was totally fair, because you broke the rules.
        I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.