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OT: just came from WashingtonDC COMPLETE.MAD.NESS inmyhead.

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  • OT: just came from WashingtonDC COMPLETE.MAD.NESS inmyhead.

    yes. truly off topic, because for this one post i've decided to type the way i actually talk in real life. because i'm always going off in tangents. infinite tangents. and zombies. but also tangents. now let's talk about zombies.
    but first-- OLD PEOPLE. you see, i always feel so very delicate when i'm in charge of OLD PEOPLE. they're always sleeping. and they remind me of my mom's mother. I HAET my GRANDMA. except i can't say that now because she has Alzheimer's. and so i STILL HAET TEH FUX0R. but she can't remember that. so whenever my mom calls her up, she's like "where's ArjuN? i want to talk to him? i heart my grandson!" and my mom calls me up and she's like "Arjun! you twat! come to my apt and talk to her!" and i'm like"bitch PLEASE" except i don't say "bitch" because that's not polite.
    also, do you notice how "polite" resembles the "police" except for the fact that POLICE R TEH NOT POLITE?!?!?!! on Feb. 15 i was protesting and the POLICE started beating us with nightsticks and THE BASTARDS AIMED FOR THE CROTCH SPECIFICALLY! CROTCH-BEATING ASSHOLES!! and this one policeman sees that this OLD LADY next to me kept being pushed off the sidewalk because there were so many of us and so he PICKED HER UP OVER THE BARRICADE AND THREW HER DOWN! to quote Thwark quoting a poet: THE PO-LICE? FUCK THE PO-LICE! FUCK FUCK FUCK THE PO-LICE! and also to quote my friend Paul don't trust the po-po. these day's we all call Paul "po-po" because it's funny. GET IT? PO-PO??
    also about Thwark and pirating-- dont ban me pls. I DON'T PIRATE GAMES. EVAR!!1!!. you know why? I MAKE MY FUCKING POLITICAL STATEMENTS THAT WAY. I want the politicians to stop hating us. we're not crushers, we just play a lot. girl, why you gotta put the H8te on me?? I want my politicians to know that the games industry has support. SO LIEBERMAN YOU TWAT. STOP MAKING SELLING 18+ RATED GAMES TO MINORS A FELONY. WE MAKE GAMES, NOT pr0n YOU JACKASS. GET A GRIP. nazi. (my mom one day-- "Arjun, what's prawn? are you collecting fish?") ALSO PAYING FOR GAMES IS A POLITICAL STATEMENT because Looking Glass WENT OUT OF BUSINESS BECAUSE THEY DIDN"T HAVE CASH. THEIR GAMES, GREAT AS THEY ARE, DIDN't SELL WELL. Thief was their first, REAL, mass-market breakout hit. and it wasn't Eidos' fucking fault LGS died, either-- Eidos tried to bail them out, but simultaneously, Eidos, PLC. had credit problems. So LGS sucked it DOWN.
    The ONLY good reason to pir8te something is if YOU'rE CURIOUS about music. and THEN, if you think you'd BUY it-- BUY IT. i pir8te music. all the time. i pir8ted Wilco. EVERYONE HERE IN NYC is saying Wilco is "great. they're the best think since Uncle Tupulo, and they haven't even sold out yet." and so i wanted to listen. I pir8ted half the newest album. IT. IS. TRASH. DIE WILCO, DIE!!! the guys from Wilco regularly buy LPs from Revolution Records, where i get a lot of my old Joy Division and Stereolab bootlegs and records from. they asked me what i thought. i told them-- 'i'm sorry. listening to you made me fall asleep. even though i'd just snorted three lines of coke to enhance my music listening experience." and they were disappointed. hell. it'd not like i'd BUY their CD. THAT IS THE ONLY SITUATION WHEN PIR8TING IS "OKAY". IF YOU LIKE THE MUSIC, BUY IT. IF YOU LIKE THE GAME, BUY IT YOU LITTLE SHIT. OTHERWISE, WHILE YOU MAY NOT BE DIRECTLY DEPRIVING THE DEVS INCOME FROM THAT GAME--- THE PUBLISHER IS LESS WILLING TO FRONT CASH FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. game development is HAND TO MOUTH. that's why development studios DIE. SUPPORT YOUR DEVELOPERS! RISE UP, MY BLACK PEOPLES!! (i'm not black. or asian-- I"M BLACKANESE!! ... juuuust kidding! i'm indian. I"M STILL BLACKANESE!!)

    i'm probably also in need of more medication. now to the real topic of my post-- in Washington, the PO-LICE were out in stormtrooper uniforms. HELL. EVEN THE HORSES HAD RIOT GEAR ON. you may be saying "doubleyew tee eff?? Arjun, do they actually HAVE riot gear for horses? isn't that crazy?" and so i'm telling you, girl, yeah-- they looked like bionic horses. and all the PO-LICE had glasses and the riotgear/stormtrooper shit made them look like we were surrounded by thousands of extras from The Empire Strikes Back and Agents from The Matrix movies at the same time.

    to steal from my Livejournal:

    Dollie1018 (1:25:24 PM): hey
    redream76 (1:26:33 PM): hey, how are ya?
    Dollie1018 (1:26:38 PM): good u
    redream76 (1:26:51 PM): kinda tired, just got up
    redream76 (1:27:08 PM): i didn't sleep for about 60 hours
    Dollie1018 (1:27:42 PM): omg
    redream76 (1:29:57 PM): went to NYC on friday with katy, went to a club and some awesome party in a secret place, it was a private thing, and then katy and i went to a diner at 5 in the morning (still a little drunk, mad fun, demonstrating weed smoking techniques) and then i went to the protests in DC except i couldn't sleep on the way there bcuz i was the bus captain and crazy old people were complaining to me that they were too cold or too hot and making me run around opening and closing the emergency windows all the way
    redream76 (1:30:11 PM): ALL THE WAY. and i kept taking it bcuz i wantedt obe nice.
    redream76 (1:30:25 PM): the secret club was the best, tho
    Dollie1018 (1:30:36 PM): wow long night
    redream76 (1:30:46 PM): it was small as your den
    redream76 (1:32:54 PM): the bar and the DJ equipment were all in the same place, and the doors opened inward HUGE firehazard, but we didn't care the floor was all disco-style glowing squares, and there were like a hundred people in there alll the time, we met all these cool kids, and we spent like half the night making out with people (i did. i'm a whore) and dancing to this crazy cool music, 80's music mixed up with 50 Cent and shit. i liked the 50 cent mashup with Joy Division
    redream76 (1:32:56 PM): it was hot
    Dollie1018 (1:33:29 PM): cool
    Dollie1018 (1:33:44 PM): i was hooking up yesterday 2
    Dollie1018 (1:33:53 PM): and stuff
    Dollie1018 (1:33:57 PM): ......
    redream76 (1:34:56 PM): on the way back from DC i met these two really cool girls who go to a charter school in Hoboken and their dad was from rwood too, and we spent the whole trip back from DC talking even tho old people were STILL complaining and it was like a fucking kindergarten class and i was the teacher
    redream76 (1:35:04 PM): hahaha what'd you do?
    [cut or else her family will all have massive simultaneous heart attacks]
    redream76 (1:37:03 PM): nice nice anybody i know?
    Dollie1018 (1:37:18 PM): friends house and town
    Dollie1018 (1:37:21 PM): no
    redream76 (1:37:25 PM): cool
    redream76 (1:37:50 PM): btw zack and i got thrown out of the holocaust museum (us and alex)
    Dollie1018 (1:37:59 PM): why
    redream76 (1:38:34 PM): because we had protest signs with us, even tho we just wanted to see the museum
    redream76 (1:39:26 PM): so we plastered the signs on the glass doors of the museum. got the guards really mad and the came running and told us to get off the museum grounds.
    redream76 (1:39:50 PM): hah! omg we gott he museum guards mad! and this rich old couple pass by and say"SILly kids"nd we say"SILly republicans! war is for kids!"lol
    Dollie1018 (1:40:16 PM): lol
    redream76 (1:43:59 PM): then we're in this crowd of republicans talking about joining the marines, and i tell zack i'm joining up after college, and he screams"youCANT there gonna put you out in another country with a gun in your hands to shoot other people!" and i screeam "NO! man, in the Marines you set them on fire!"
    Dollie1018 (1:44:52 PM):LOL

    am i a bad person?
    Gotta knock a little harder
    Gotta knock a little harder
    Gotta knock a little harder
    Break through the door
    --Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door OST signed by Yoko Kanno *heart*

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    oh. and i heart Thwark. and also Megadude. and also zombies! but Megadude--- don't insult people on the forum. tell them you're insulting rich hippies with huge trust funds and huge afros to match, who keep giving you the evil eye because they're either too cold or too hot on the bus, and make you open and close windows because they don't care that you look like you haven't slept in three days because you really haven't slept in three days. inconsiderate bastards. I"M IN MY DRUG HAZE YOU PRICK! STOP BEING MEAN TO ME!! and also be really nice to old people to keep falling asleep in their seats and slumping forwards-- you never know if they might die on the bus. and since you're bus captain, it'd all be your fault, and so you feel really REALLY delicate around them. also, since your friend, the other bus captain, Crimson (her name really IS Crimson. like whaaa?? ) is always asleep, she's no help and you keep having to shout and be the showman and be really nice to everyone in the bus, and so your voice is always hoarse (not just from shouting, but also from all the alchohol you drank, you underage bastard, and from having girl stick their tongues down your vocal chords all night in the club, while you're trying to dance to "In Da Club" by 50 Cent) damn h0t girls! damn vocal chords! damn tongues! damn alchohol! damn REALLy disconcerting glowing the dark disco floor! damn really hot girls whose number you LOST you JACKASS!
    see what i mean by anger displacement? this is the wonderful shit they teach us in Literature and Psychology in American high schools.

    Gotta knock a little harder
    Gotta knock a little harder
    Gotta knock a little harder
    Break through the door
    --Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door OST signed by Yoko Kanno *heart*


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      *Cough*Way too much free time*Cough*

      Damn this cold of mine
      All americans suck donkey balls except for you!


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          Join the marines.

          Army =
          Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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            Did anyone actually read that?

            The only constant is change.
            (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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              What was that all about!`?
              "There's no problem that can't be solved with a big crate!"


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                wow that was so much to read. if i would have read that i would have watsed 5 minutes of my life.


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                  Originally posted by CrouchingDork
                  Did anyone actually read that?

                  MY thoughts exactly! only part i caught was Fuck the Po-lice a few times.


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                    don't worry, guys. i like to snort a few lines of coke daily. that's all. nothing to see here.
                    Gotta knock a little harder
                    Gotta knock a little harder
                    Gotta knock a little harder
                    Break through the door
                    --Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door OST signed by Yoko Kanno *heart*


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                      Originally posted by DocSkrilla
                      don't worry, guys. i like to snort a few lines of coke daily. that's all. nothing to see here.
                      No wonder noone takes protesters in this country seriously.

                      Now mebbe if you were willing to share..............
                      Never let LaughingRat shave your testicles with a rusty serrated knife.