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  • Lurox...

    I can't hold a grudge if it had a handle I guess. A good thing I certainly hope.

    Thwark, please erase/lock/do that thing you always do. Thank you.
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    Former TCO Head of Intelligence – Retired

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    Whoa, sorry, man. I was having fun, and thought you were, too. I strongly appologize for the taunts and bad fairplay I did show on that game. Yes, you can call me an asshole, because seeing you being mad really makes me realise that's exactly what I was.

    Again, sorry.

    I personnaly like you, Snafu, and if I knew you were really offended by it, I would have stopped it right away.

    Also, playing thievery is one way I can all "empty" my serious-o-meter.

    But please, if you feel like playing CS, noone will stop you. You leaving? don't care.
    You being mad at me? Can't endure.


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      seriously wtf happened to you. this may be going against forum rules but hey...calling my whole guild fucking pussies is just fucking ridiculous.

      what the hell happened to you? you used to be a good wtf?
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        I expect people not to take me seriously. I have made that error in the past with the heretic 2 community, and it seems like I still didn't learn my lesson.

        Aww... I'll have trouble sleeping. Can you guys all pardon me for anything I could have said? And if I have to earn this pardon, then so be it.

        Guess it's my name in the credits that makes me go show-off, and a bit too much full of myself. If that's the problem, then I'll kindly ask Dalai to take it off for the next patch, and I'll quickly get that TUT tag off my name.