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    All of these things, if it's me doing the reading, will result in an edit and a warning on a first offense, and an edit and a BAND on a second (unless i'm feeling particularly generous, obv). If you see someone breaking these rules, feel free to PM me, Dalai, or one of the other mods. These rules are forum wide, so don't think you can sneak into the Tech forum and call someone a dipshit and get away with it. Without further ado - let's call them the "10 Rules of Not Being BAND"

    1. We abide by the word of the law, not the letter - knowingly attempting to "bend" the rules is not permitted.

    2. Abuse targetted at users is not permitted.

    3. Images that you wouldn't want your boss to see you looking at while you're at work are not permitted.

    4. The distribution of warez is not permitted.

    5. Slander and intolerance in any serious capacity is not permitted. The mods decide what is "serious" based on their opinions and the opinions of other members of the board.

    6. There is no rule against language. No words are censored, and no swear words you use will be editted, unless they violate rule #2.

    7. Image leeching is frowned upon. Large sites can handle the bandwidth increase, small sites cannot. Image leeching from sites with protective code ( comes to mind) is not permitted and will result in a ban.

    8. If you are asked by a mod or an admin to stop doing something, even if you think it is NOT a violation of the rules, the clever thing to do is to stop. If you continue on, you are the only one responsible for what happens. If a mod or admin locks a thread you've made, do NOT open a second with the same content, or asking why your last one was closed. There are PMs for such things. Posting a second, identical thread is spam, which brings us to...

    9. Spamming (on this board: posting multiple messages of identical, useless content; posting many messages of little or no content in rapid time; posting multiple identical or useless threads or posting the same thread in multiple forums) is not allowed. Reposting a known bug or technical issue in the appropriate forum, while frowned upon (and grounds for you to be made fun of), does not fall under "spam".

    10. Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.
    I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.

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    Just a reminder:

    Now that we've moved to a new, full forum site, we have several forums to house several different subjects.

    This forum is for general discussion - that is: talk related, and unrelated, to Thievery, or things in general.

    We've also got a forum for the technical aspects of Mapping. Announcements of new maps are most welcome in the General Discussion forum. The Mapping forum is strictly for talking about the hows and whys of map-making.

    The Technical Forum is for technical help with fixing thievery, making thievery run, breaking thievery, and asking questions about thievery. Technical questions NOT pertaining to Thievery can (and probably should) be asked in General Discussion.

    The Suggestions forum is for... you guessed it... Suggestions about Thievery patches, thievery maps, the website and the forum. NO suggestion thread should be posted in General Discussion or any other forum, regardless of the fact that "it will get more replies" - we've got (and were suggested to make) seperate forums to KEEP these things.

    Lastly, the Guilds forum. This is for discussions pertaining strictly to Thievery guilds. Guild announcements, Guild News, etc. If there has been a Guild War or summat that deserves "press" (and ONLY if it deserves press for the whole community, not just your guild), feel free to post it in General Discussion. Otherwise POST IT IN THE GUILDS FORUM.

    Let's try and at least pretend like we're organized.
    I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.


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      Under "General Discussion" on the Forum Index page, it uses the words "about anything" (yes, in that order). That means that threads in General Discussion can be about Thievery, or they can be about your dog "Kitty" or your cat "Ruffy". It can be about that leet new tattoo of Bob Dole you got, or it can be about how you managed to kick someone's ass in Korman. And everything in between.

      As a result, putting the words "OT" in a thread title in this forum is redundant, and should be avoided like SARS in a Hong Kong marketplace. So from now on, if you make a thread with that lovely acronym in it, I'll either rename the thread, or just close it, depending on how well my mapping and/or music is going.
      I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.


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        We've been getting an awful lot of posts that are either one bigass quote of a whole message with one line added to it, or a quote of a quote of a quote of a quote of a quote... etc etc.

        please try to curb that. get into the habit, when you post a quote, of deleting anything not important to either knowing what post you're referencing, or what specific part of a quote you're referencing. Also, if you quote a post that has a quote in it, delete the first one, at the very least, and then make sure you aren't quoting a bunch of useless shit after that.

        Future abuses of the quote function will mean a warning and eventual ban. thank you.
        I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.