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    This was going to be the first Steam sale I completely abstained from, but then they put that damn XCOM pack up last week


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      Talking of Shatter, the soundtrack is online for listening/purchase. Module ftw!

      I see he's working on a new Sidhe game soundtrack also, which is cool.


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        The last day of the sale seems to be a continuation of all the best selling games. Great stuff.

        Unbelievable sale, when you compare retail shop prices and any other prices online. Looking forward to the next one.
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          6 bucks or 3-4 eurodollars sterling for both apache-havoc, and co-hokum.

          Gonna get both (as they can install together) and try it out at some point.
          Awesome game iirc, and it has dynamic, and co-op campaigns.

          Comes in at under half a gig, so one for permanently having ready imo.
          Mods are supposed to update the graphics and features as well.
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