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  • Real life Thievery!

    Amongst other things this weekend, I played real life Thievery on a derelict farm with about a dozen other people. The location looked a *lot* like some places from S.T.A.L.K.E.R., which made it pretty amazing (The hooded camo gear we were all wearing added a lot to that vibe too).

    First game (1 hour) I was a guard, which was *fun*. We had radios and split into three patrols to secure a derelict farmhouse with a courtyard, large outbuilding and barn attached; cue lots of communication and investigation of strange noises. One really nice game design constraint was that the radios didn't have earpieces, and beeped every time the channel cleared. This meant that, as guards, radio comms were a huge advantage, but also revealed all of our locations at quite long range whenever we used them.

    We didn't know our objectives or where the thieves team were coming from, just that "there were reports of people entering the building" and we had to protect it. It turned out they were hunting for a bottle of vodka and some shot glasses the organisers had hidden in the house

    At one point, we'd been patrolling around the compound for about 40 minutes and as we went by a passage to the courtyard I thought I heard someone sniff inside. Doing a sweep of the courtyard and all the rooms I could get to through it was amazingly tense. We hadn't been given any information on how the other team had been briefed or what their intentions were; for all we knew they were going to bag and tag us or something.

    One guy on our team was ex-mountain rescue as well as a lot else besides, and did an excellent job of patrolling along a dark route where he could move without skylining. As a result he nabbed a couple of taffers who were laying in the grass thinking noone could see them; instead, they didn't see or hear him coming to get them and the first they knew of it was when he had both of their collars

    In the second game we switched to thieves, and our objectives were to get intel photos of three specific things without getting caught. Unfortunately the game had to be cut to half an hour, so we were only partway through executing our plan when it ended, and only got one of the three shots.

    None of the organisers knew about Thievery, the games were just part of a camping/archery/martial arts weekend they put together. It was amazing. I ache all over and am bleeding in several places. I discovered I'm not a bad shot with air rifles and crossbows too.
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    Cool story, bro.


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      I was expecting LARP jokes.
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        Gonna hafta make your own. I'm on humor-watch with the mods at the moment. In fact, this post itself might be a violation of my probation.

        In B4 infraction


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          So called humor telling a new forum member a game is released, when it is not, isn't funny. That is all. Carry on.


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            Sounds like great fun

            When I used to work at Mc Donalds years ago, at the end of the night shift we used to turn all the lights off and play manhunt It was kind creepy crawling through the ball pit whilst the hamburgler watched!


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              Reminds me of Man vs Wild URBAN! Quality.
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                moar like Man vs Fraud.

                By the way, sounds pretty fun Nach. Used to do that all the time when I was younger.
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                  Saw an abandoned building on the way to work that I always drive past, only today part of the boarding in the doorway was missing. Had to resist the temptation to pull over and go exploring
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                    Always be careful with that kind of stuff, I've had smackheads, er, dissuade me from going further down an abandoned railway tunnel before.


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                      Yeah, the main reason I'll leave the place well alone, I don't have anyone to take along with me.
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                        I generally explore alone, but tell someone else exactly where I'm going and how long I expect to be. Also overestimate on the latter.


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                          Chains, I know where you work, DON'T ENTER THE BUILDING, You'll be speared by a you know what!


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                            I've done a similar thing with Paintball. Real expensive, we had a sort of abandoned factory to protect. We took turns at trying to rescue a guy tied up to a chair in a different room each time, and defending him.

                            Needless to say, most people charged straight on, and got themselves killed by a barrage of paint balls from a group of guards in the upper windows. I circled the building and snuck in through a broken window at the back, and even tagged a couple of stray guards patrolling the rooms. The feeling was very much like Thievery, with the added intensity of possibly getting hit with paint balls at point blank.

                            Never did save the guy though. They had like 6 guys all around the room. I stood there, on that dark room, looking at those six guys for about 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do before just opening fire from behind cover. They shot me down pretty quickly, but I did tag one of them.

                            Ridiculously fun though, planning on doing it again soon.
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                              Very nice, I'd love to do paintball in abandoned buildings. Also, yeah, fortified areas in paintball are a bitch

                              One thing we discovered during the last game I went to: the guns were all gravity fed, but the trigger would still make sound without firing paintballs if you put the gun on its side.

                              When we ran low on ammo, in teams of two, we'd pretend to lay down loads of covering fire, one person going mental with a sideways gun and the other plopping the occasional paintball into enemy cover. The occasional splatter with a lot of distant trigger sounds made them think they were under continuous intensive fire and kept them pinned in cover while our team moved