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2010 WC prediction game idea

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  • 2010 WC prediction game idea

    Hey I hope you remember me I didn't have time to play games and wasn't very active for a long time, anyway, the World Cup will begin in a few days in South Africa and since the majority won't be able to travel there, but I hope like football/soccer we could play a little virtual predictions game, much like we did in summer of 2006 HERE (Butters was the bookmaker). So is there anybody interested in playing and possibly being the bookmaker?

    // useless analysis......
    If you read the thread linked, you will see that it was very successful and also it helped me to feel like part of the community, as back then I was a new member that didn't know a thing about the game etc, which I believe is similar with todays situation that people discover Swarm make a few posts and then disappear and only a few from the old players are regs in the forums and the community gets smaller and smaller, exactly the opposite that we want before ASI gets released....

    So, if you are interested post here and we could start a new thread if many people like the idea.
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    In before Portugal induced rage (I'm looking at the brits right now).
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      There will be a major power outage and the World Cup will be canceled.

      Or a huge alien spaceship will park over J'burg and the World Cup will be canceled.

      Being from the country my expectations are not very high


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        I predict that the EU will cut down the competition.


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          I'll play.


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            Originally posted by Hybrid View Post


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              Rollerball game nao! Or proper Tournament mode like it was promised for UT2004 ;_;

              Hopefully there will be lots of exciting games. Also hopefully we get at least to the semifinals (that or chrash and burn horribly XD ).

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                This was fun last time. I'm willing to take on the role of the bookie if no one else is up to it. You know, step aside and give someone else the chance to win this time and all that.

                Of course, I don't know anything about footy, so my match synapses won't be as informative (or entertaining) as Butters'.
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