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Well, im out...

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  • Well, im out...

    You know how it goes.

    I follow the One Gerbil.

    Sadly, I cannot follow him to SB, but I don't think Ill be playing much thievery any more. The only reason I had been was to play with him.

    I WILL be around the forums though, just in case I hear some good news

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    I'd like it if you'd still hang around the RLF private forum.
    We may all end up in a new game together.

    It's so hard to find good peeps.
    "A gerbil is a rodent, wretched creature and quite possibly represents yourself there unclean vile obsolete weak and live happily in there and others filth, they have caused plague and death to humans and nearly wiped us out" - industrialism


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      Have a nice time wherever you go man. You were a good friend all the way.

      You'll be back... hehehe
      I Need Training!