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Thi4f - reboot - legit this time.

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  • It's not the reboot the thief series deserve... but the reboot the thief series needs .
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    • That should be a quote Trap.


      • I got Thief almost as soon as it came out but my new computer doesnt have an actual video card so the gameplay is really slow. I set it aside for months and now I'm slowly working my way through it now that I set the difficulty to Rogue (NOOB).

        It bugs me that they didnt use Stephen Russel's voice and I don't quite buy their excuse that they already shot motion capture with the guy from Assassin's Creed and would have difficulty matching the lips. I'm sorry...disbelieve.

        There are areas I've actually run into an invisible wall (the windmill area near Erin's hideout) and stuff you can't jump on that felt pretty amateur to me. I guess sacrifices were made to make it multi-platform but some of those warts really took me out of the game to shout obscenities like WTF? at the screen. One of the things I liked about the older Thief games was the freedom to explore your environment. Yes, the people had bad cases of polygon head but I didnt feel so railroaded along a set path of taffing in a narrowly defined line.

        The graphics are great....visually a great improvement for a game that needed an update. The optional side jobs are nice as well...kinda Skyrim like in that you can distract yourself with multiple side quests. I do like that they clearly map out where you go to advance the story. The older Thief games had a clearly defined mission for each level with maybe 1 or 2 options.

        I'm probably the only one that likes this but the reading along the way amuses me. I enjoy snooping into the concerns of the nobility or watching them flex in front of guards saying "I've been to the DOCKS!" Do you even lift, bro?

        I miss the Pagans most of all, Benny, and deadly hissing spiders.

        Overall I like it, they managed to startle the crap out of me in certain areas. Speaking as someone who worked graveyard shift as a security guard, I consider that fairly hard to do.

        I had kinda hoped they would make this a multiplayer game. 4 incarnations of Thief now and all of them single player.


        • The new Thief is terd and sulleys the Thief name. They should have sold it as some other franchise and it would have perhaps got away with not pissing off every Looking Glass Thief legacy fan out there.

          Graphically and aesthetically its perfect, but play-wise it just got it all wrong.

          For example, think to the popular Thief 2 mission "Life of the party" - Arguably one of the best and most ambitious mission in all the Thief series (probably THE most ambitious with the Dark Engine's capabilities at the time)

          You basically had a whole city to explore and loot. Different things going on in different areas, some comical, some pagan stuff, scandals, other thefts by other thieves, keepers watching over you. At the end of the city was Angelwatch, the Mechanist tower to infiltrate (and more than one way of doing this too) different floors, some guarded, some with drunk guests, some with the servants and security systems -It was just the perfect mission for Thief. It was huge. There are no waypoints. There are no guides. You took your time, you explored, you planned your escape routes in case things went tits up.

          In the reboot you have the city, as gorgeous as it is, but as soon as you enter a building you hit a loading screen. Breaking immersion for a start but also creating a huge problem - If you are seen or need to run away, you can't just jump out that window you left open... because you hit the loading screen and enter a different area. There are waypoints. There are guides. You don't really need to take your time or explore. There is no point planning an escape route because of the loading areas.
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          • Yeah...I saw that too. The areas I couldnt get to where I actually hit an invisible wall really bugged me. There was one near Erin's hideout that was particularly jarring. The maps looked great but I have felt more freedom of movement in the first 2 Thief games, and Thievery.

            This is also multi-platform, so I expect a certain amount of shortcomings so people playing on a console (don't even get me started) can enjoy it too.

            My only other complaint about the game is they didn't use Stephen Russel's voice. Their official reason was they wanted the dialogue they shot in motion capture with whathisface from Assassin's Creed to match. I have a hard time believing they couldnt have a voice actor overdub his parts. Especially since Garret isn't the chattiest person in the room.

            Regarding loadscreens...I imagine that's a concession they made for the consoles. They had them in the previous Thief as well. They didn't seem excessive to me but I certainly felt lost every time I opened a window and put myself into a new map. If it weren't for the quest tracker giving me an idea of where to go it would have been a nightmare. I don't want to go back to the days of mapping out dungeons on graph paper, but so help me...

            Overall I think it was a good game and I'm hoping they make more. I even heard the rights to a movie have been bought already. Fingers crossed it doesn't suck....