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  • Fyi gfwl

    Just installed Fallout 3 without having to input a CD key or sign into Games for Windows Live...

    big deal?

    it did ask for the disc on launch *whistles*

    Yep... it's says "Games for windows live" on the front of the box.

    *Makes stupid happy noises*

    By that rule of thumb and the news circulating a little while back, Windows live is now fully passive meaning we can sell our PC games and not have to go through security checks every time we fire em up, but sadly can only consolidate very few to steam with the cd keys we have... wars over folks, we won and we still have Steam...

    PC Master Race.

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    Its fairly old news, but happy to celebrate this triumph of liberty once again.

    I was happy when the Batman series ball and chain was released, although I miss the online scoreboards.
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      Here you go;
      My AS2K4 map: Sulfure-SE
      And a fixed one: BehemothTournament-TE2