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Merry Xmas...

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  • Merry Xmas...

    and a taffin 2015.

    I was not able to get my level completed in time for 2014, 2015 should be year zero.
    Feel the power of the

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    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all

    Up for grabs...

    2 copies of "Vlad the Impaler" are available for you lot.

    Via steam - my account is "indus2027" or I can send it to your email (apparently), you can do so via PM if need be, to keep your email less public if you so wish.

    Reply here that you would like a copy, first come first served...

    rules... pfff

    You must of been a Thievery player for me to give this to you and give wishes in this thread to the community :p

    Don't be shy!


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        Everyone is just really good at hiding now.
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          /me watches around the Corner
          /me wipes the Blackjack
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