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In the tradition of birthday threads...

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  • In the tradition of birthday threads...

    Back in the old days when I was still young and playing Thievery online, I used to do a lot of modding and mapping for the game. The word did make the round that there is another one that was capable of it and was willing to improve the mod.

    I often got asked by people "Do you know Keg? Have you met him?" Since I must have missed him, my reply was no. And most of the time I got to hear "SHAME." I think I must have heard this up to 3 times atleast.

    The mysterious Keg reappeard on the forums, somewhere around 2009. To be precise, it was on the shoutbox. I could not resist and wrote a line or two about that everybody tells me it is a shame of not having met him and that everybody said I have to meet him.

    One day later I had an exam and I was preparing for leaving the house. When I used to check my mails, I suddenly found a PM from Mr Keg himself .

    That was six years ago. What I have won over this time, was one of my very dearest (by now real life) friends, and one of the nicest persons I have ever met in my life.

    So in honours of yours, happy Birthday Mr.M! Enjoy your 30 years and stay healthy and well and all the best!

    Just take care of your don't mark your students too hard in these days .

    P.s. Here's your obligatory cookie :
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    Happy Birthday Keggie!
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      Yes indeed, cheers to the only true Garrett. Whatever the spelling may be.


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        30 eh? Well it's all down hill from ~15 so you must be feeling terrible

        Happy (belated) Birthday Keg
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          lol, thanks all and you were not late chieffy

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