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    Thievery is held in very high regard in my mind. I still wish Nightblade was released and am sure I will dive back into this classic mod sometime soon.

    In the meantime, I wonder if there are any games that have come close to what Thievery accomplished with multiplayer stealth. Any recommends?

    Black Cat should also crowd fund a mod build of Thievery for a current game.

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    *omg I logged in and recalled my password after disturbing the admin - how embarrassing*

    Ello ello,

    So yeah the forums were down and the sites, scary... its nice to see a post.

    When you say NB... if you're on about what looks like this, it's playable.

    You need UT2004 and this from you know who, the one and only Brody

    One amazing chap is doing this

    Stealth games...

    Not that I've played all of them but Aragami, Mark of the ninja, creeping about in "Unknown battlegrounds" and maybe have a look on moddb for anything new.

    Regarding TUT,

    A bit behind schedule from what maybe was planned, such is life. Looking at games from TUT to present, the design, specs and discussing in a private forum... processes and the direction for creating content of what would be a "Thievery + NB hypothetically today, but with the content being the result". Its a long process and requires learning lots of applications and accumulating a wealth of knowledge for say UE4, PBR, UVs, normal maps (all of it) to teach and get a strong team. All the content is only going to be inspired by that of the game and seminal series for anyone getting involved. Consolidated it could save a team a lot of time. Being high poly sitting ready should someone start something up leaving them just the code and what have you.

    So discussing the maps, items game mechanics, new tech, what to and not to, how to balance, incorporate NB potentially through a game type and then not imposing on Thievery's beautiful vanilla flavor, yeah.... slow but may I dream? back to copying Gerome in Maya I guess...


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      Thanks for the info; a lot of it new to me and I had to sub to that channel.

      I'm downloading Nightblade and am excited to see how it is, although I wonder how it will compare with the experience of Thievery and the community from back in the day. I suppose some posts on here could gather a group for scheduled game...

      I'm sure it's complicated, I take it for granted not being a game developer my self. I just saw there's a new Unreal Tournament in development, is that what you're referring to or the Black Unreal from 6 years back or so? The new Unreal Tournament is being developed open source, so I wonder if there's much opportunities there...


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        Night-Blade for UT2004 that's linked is unfinished but it will give you a good idea of what was coming. The guys from -=:ToB:=- that play tested it in multiplayer, did say it rocked though. Impo it would of destroyed Thievery, it simply was to violent to support the previous balancing act. It should of been an additional game type, possibly with new suitable maps and time line where the arsenal it was offering didn't interfere with Thievery's setup as we know it.

        I'd rather see two teams of thieves that can't share a victory go against each other and a guard team (all human sides with ai), than see an Alien vs Predator vs Marines similarity variation within Thievery's parameters. The Thieves would cancel each other out by not being able to share the victory or at least co exist before betraying each other, chaotic and multiplying the inter personnel exchanges of the rounds vastly. I'd throw a cross bow and muskets at that personally, or perhaps be liberal with mappers discretion choosing perhaps a design and era that suit.

        UE4 is the new big thing that has been out sometime now, there is a lot of support but it's difficult coming from older tech learning how things are done now. All content these days requires such depth and detail to really meet standards and expectations it shows where specialization in one thing counts. And I'll be honest, you'll learn more from you tube than Lynda and digital tutors regarding modelling, texturing etc. They're like chefs that list the ingredients, but miss steps in the process of cooking the recipe leaving you like *HUH, but but*


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          A little out of date, but i made a list of stealthy games a few years ago.. here. Might find something for yourself, but nothing has really followed thievery that ever peaked my interest much..
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            Fan made missions for Thief Gold and Thief 2 are still very much alive. Combined with mods to enhance the graphics, the Dark Engine handles extremely well on modern PC's.

            For multiplayer though, we are still waiting for a game to come close to what Thievery gave us unfortunately. Really it needs a talented team to take all the Thievery assets and mechanics and bring them all to a modern game engine - Surprising its never been attempted given all the 'green light' and 'early access' there is is saturating the gaming market these days.

            Saying this though Thievery itself, is still breathing... very very quietly.

            If you find any games we might be interested in though please do share the info.
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              Joe is working on a stealth game but I don't think he's planning any multiplayer
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                Originally posted by Keggie View Post
                A little out of date, but i made a list of stealthy games a few years ago.. Might find something for yourself, but nothing has really followed thievery that ever peaked my interest much..
                this is still a great list of board games and pc games. Check it out
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                  Originally posted by industrialism View Post
                  *omg I logged in and recalled my password after disturbing the admin - how embarrassing*

                  Ello ello,

                  One amazing chap is doing become a cbd distributor
                  Stealth games...

                  in my colledge days there was a story when I travelled to Slovenia with my friend we stayed in tne Erasmus colledge dorms and made a huge party there were girls chill out and smoke CMD...

                  Now I wark for erasmus we collect aplications and enjoy all the parties I had in the with all those youngsters.

                  Hopefully mid-week will be more succesfull, I will be posting my bets here (first one will be probably later) and I am always looking for a ideas, especially from a guys who have better eyes for a national leagues and knows more about up and downs of the local teams.
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                    There is some stealth in Elden Ring, although it's more like the guards have severe glaucoma and myopia.
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