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DeathGarden - begins June 19th 3pm EST & Concludes June 26th at 9am EST

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  • FixXxeR
    Dead by Daylight is very fun with friends, my years of Thievery training came in handy as it is very much about sneaking around, or outsmarting and tricking the killer. Its limited in its execution though, no where near enough levels, levels are too small, one killer sometimes not really enough for the map size (against an organised team) etc.

    This DeathGarden looks good - Probably will take a look but I've no time to test it out so I've not claimed the key.

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  • DeathGarden - begins June 19th 3pm EST & Concludes June 26th at 9am EST

    Hello all,

    I played "Dead by Daylight" (worth a play) and this DeathGarden is made by the same people. This is likely rather similar maybe even tenser, with less horror and GRR... moments for sure, we'll have to see. Roughly its a future twisted sport type concept! but the mechanics of the matches are very akin (team work, diversion etc) thats clear from the trailer, some what fresh and gaining much support in gaming.

    If any of you are interested and are too late to have signed up... here you are below.

    "Extra Steam key for a friend: LC82F-L55FJ-QJZ53

    You can activate your Steam key now, and access will begin June 19th around 3pm EST and conclude June 26th at 9am EST.

    Welcome to Closed Beta!
    The Deathgarden Dev Team"