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Thievery Bow Battle!

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  • Thievery Bow Battle!

    *sits down on barstool*

    Hey! Guess what happened to me last night at the Nostalgia estate? I was on duty with Legal Assassin, and these two taffers came up. Now, I coulda just blasted em right then and there, but I gave em a chance. I got rid of extra bots, so the thieves would have even chances, and challenged them to a bow only fight. The taffers were Tobias the Taffer, and LordoftheOnionRings. I don't recall if legal or I died at all. We may have each died once. Either way, we won.

    Then, we switched positions. Legal and I put on thief cloaks, grabbed a bunch of arrows, and TTT and LOTOR grabbed xbows and armor. I told them not to bother removing extra bots. Its was a long hard fight, I died twice, Legal may not have died at all...not sure. But we took down ALL the guards.

    Oh, yeah, and hiding up on walls was not allowed either. We had to stay down on the grounds.

    Anyone wants to challenge me to a pure bowfight...just let me know when im on duty. We'll find an open area, and have at it.

    Hey barman...give what Iggles over there had.
    Bite the bolt, taffer!