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Woo, I can paint!

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  • Woo, I can paint!

    After months fiddling round with Photoshop, I'm beginning to get the hang of it. This banner is for the dining hall in Breandor, and it probably took me less than two hours to make:

    And here are the layers I made it from:

    (The ornamentation has been flattened from about eight more layers. I found the triskelions and flower with Google image search, simply reshading them a bit, and made the horns by tracing a silhouette with the pen tool, stroking the outlines on one layer, then filling the fields on another and shading / highlighting with burn and dodge).

    The Third one I made with this tutorial.

    The last one is a (roughly) 50% grey layer with shadows and highlights painted progressively with low opacity black and white. I didn't use a tutorial for that, I guessed it would be an appropriate method after looking at the textures in TH-Banners.utx and trying to copy what I saw (It also has the added bonus of separating shades and highlights from the colours, meaning I can change them all independently of each other).

    Also, the wood and gold chains were cannibalised from other textures. So, I have a long way to go before I can make textures from scratch, but I'd like some tips on painting fabrics.

    As far as I can tell, the fabric doesn't drape naturally (Though I suppose it could be forced to drape like that by fixing it in a certain way, but that's a rather lame excuse for leaving it as it is), so I might nail a towel to the back of my door and use it as a model to paint a new shadow/highlight layer. Any texture artists / Photoshop dons who can tell me what else is wrong with it / better methods / how else to improve it?

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    Wow man, looks great!

    You're really good at this + level making + photography...


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      Yeah, that looks awesome!

      Thanks for the link to the texture tutorial, too.

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        wow looks great, I would love for you to do some custom textures for me :grin:
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          very cool nachmir. Very very cool
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            Wow, that's nice as hell! Good work man
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              wootage !
              how about photoshopping guard/guest/spider/loot/sword skins ?


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                I wish I had your knowledge Nac. That's great work.


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                  Hey, Nach. Great job! What transparency mode did you use for the bumpmap? If you just used regular, try out some others. Some emphasize bumpmap more.

                  Also, try putting a levels adjustment layer on top of all the other layers. The whole pic seems kind of dark. Tho, in practice (how it looks in TUT) is the ultimate deciding point. (It might be too bright in-game if level-corrected.)

                  Again, great job!
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                    Terrific job there.

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                      Originally posted by Buho
                      What transparency mode did you use for the bumpmap?

                      The whole pic seems kind of dark.
                      I experimented with all of the blending modes and settled on multiply with 89% opacity. I find UT textures do look much lighter in game, so usually if I make it in Photoshop in such a way that I'm happy with it, I have to lower the brightness by 15 or so, then import and check, then sometimes have to adjust the saturation too.

                      Thank you all, now I have to get my drawing skills up to scratch so I can make the decorative parts.

                      Stak, I'm sticking to textures right now because they're easier . Once I get more techniques under my belt, I'd like to take a go at a watcher skin.


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                        Nicely done. :grin:
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                          Why is this guy not on the THIEVERY TEAM!?
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                            I feel the same way you do, Gullone. I also feel the same way about TDan.
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                              Originally posted by Gullonefox
                              Why is this guy not on the THIEVERY TEAM!?
                              Um, thank you :blush:

                              I've been far too busy over the past few months, but things seem to be calming down a bit. Another reason I didn't apply is that I was on a 56K conn, but now I'm on 512... hmm.