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  • Help! crakaz server

    Crakaz server won't let me in. Its mean. It refuses to send btbmapvote3.0 or something like that. Either way, its being really rude. Somebody help!

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    Sure you have upgraded to 1.4?


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      Wouldn't that just mean he DOESNT HAVE MAP VOTE?

      Maybe not, just a thought.


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        The BDBMapvote.u file has been added to the server as a serverpackage. That means you HAVE to have it, either actually installed or cached, to get into the server.

        Stult, one of my guild members had that problem too, just a bit ago. But it was tested just after the patch was installed, so we know it's working. What we think may be the problem is that the redirect server is/was down. If that's the case, obviously it can't send you the file.

        If it's still not letting you in, and you've upgraded to 1.4 already, and the server isn't simply full, grab BDBMapVote302.u and put it in your unrealtournament/system folder. That should get you into the server, unless it's currently playing a map you don't have installed, and the redirect server is down.


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          Arigato. Works perfectly. Now you'll have one more mace-dummy to bash on.


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            For some reason it did the same thing to me earlier. Wierd, since I have 1.4 and Mapvote already...

            Oh well, I'll download it and try it again.
            The only constant is change.
            (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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              The redirect for the MapVote file should be fixed now. If anyone has trouble with it, please contact Grank or me. And in the meantime, you can use the fix I gave Stults in an earlier post in this thread.