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hello did they fix this

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  • hello did they fix this

    the bug when you throw a flare at sometimes dosn't light the area it was thrown to

    meaning the flare is used but you don't get any light and thieves stay invisiable

    this happens alot
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    does happen a lot...usually because you throw it too fast or so i hear
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      Nope its because you pickup a flare that was light up by one of the other guards.
      But is it fix ? duno yet.

      Also did they fix the
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      i run=no noise=ok /
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        I do know it happens 99% of the time to me when I light one myself and toss it. It does indeed seem to be due to throwing it too fast.

        And, it does still do it in 1.4.

        Whether it's a bug, a feature, an unintended feature, or a misfeature is yet to be determined



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          I too hate making sounds on ladders after chugging a catfall. It gives away where you are every time.
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            The flare does emit light, the light just isn't visible. You can still illuminate invisible things with it, like thieves.

            It's a lag thing. When you ask someone else to look at your flare, they'll say it's perfectly normal.


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              really cause i get little lag 50- 200 ping almost everywhere
              An open mind is like a fortress, with its gates unbarred and and guarded


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                Hmm, don't know about it still illuminating things. For example, the other day I was playing Grange, and heard the upstairs door open where the balcony to the dining room is. Ran up to the door, and tossed a dud flare. Nothing there. Immediately lit and tossed another, and there was a thief right next to the dud flare.

                Terrifically annoying, especially if you're in a darkish area and your last flare duds, but it migth make for an interesting quasi-feature.