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    The RLF, after a very disappointing first game, managed to rally and win the last two of the three matches to pull out a victory in this scrimage. Make no mistake, the games were ALL nail biters right on down to the last thief to hit the ground.

    I must admit I'm amazed at what ghosters are able to do on Nostalgia. They managed to get the 1500 loot several times WITHOUT the lyre.

    Of special note:
    The Judge: Awesome defense of the lyre. The thieves touched it once but he got right back. I never worried about it, the one time they grabbed it I figured he'd have it back before I could count to 10... and he did.

    Celestial: An RLF hopeful. He did amazing work helping me guard the dinning room and also did some roaming. Always willing to jump in where needed.

    Kore: Kore easily killed the most thieves. He roamed about the map whacking the unaware. Most thieves that died, did so because of Kore's bad humor.

    Mad_Gerbil: Not sure why this guy was there, he didn't kill a single taffer.

    I'll leave it to Bill to sing the praises of his team. They were absolutely amazing. I think this match showed me what this game COULD be when playing with people dedicated to having fun. Thanks to all the thieves: Buho, Phaethorn, Kilswitch, and DarkBill for an amazing, great natured series.

    The [RLF] would be happy to match you guys any time.

    The RODENT LIBERATION FRONT stands TALL (about 3 inches).
    "A gerbil is a rodent, wretched creature and quite possibly represents yourself there unclean vile obsolete weak and live happily in there and others filth, they have caused plague and death to humans and nearly wiped us out" - industrialism

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    I was making a couple notes during this for the reviewing pleasure of those who didn't attend the match, and here is a quick round by round summary of the action..

    Round 1: PhaeThorn died twice in the first ten minutes, and Buho once leaving the thief team at three players and about 1000 loot. The rest was quickly gather, Killswitch had exited, and Bill was on the scaffold with a vine ready. As Buho was running to the vine invisible, Gerbil made a lucky shot with a firebolt and lit Bill up, and four AI proceeded to make him into a pincushion. Buho died, surrounded by almost all the guards on the map. Killswitch entered back into the mansion, however, and accumulated the required loot (The lyre was left untouched but heavily guarded) and escaped. Thieves win.

    Round 2: Phae gets unlucky again and is discovered in the first few minutes and killed, luckily without much loot on him. Kore managed to find three thieves, but all of them evade his capture. Killswitch and Phae die about halfway through the round. Bill, while exiting the captain's quarters, gets stuck in the door (bug) and about five seconds later an RLF guard walks by. He dies. Buho gets the remaining loot all by himself, and then realizes he has neither a vine arrow or lockpicks, so he can't exit. He wanders around a bit before getting killed. Guards win.

    Round 3: The round was tense for a long time, I wasn't taking any notes and my memory of it isn't that great. There were a couple close calls, in the end it came down to Bill with 750 loot, Buho and Killswitch with nothing, no thieves had inventory or health. Buho distracts and dies, Killswitch runs for the lyre, and almost makes it. Bill heads back in looking for more loot, and gets killed. Guards win.

    Round 4: For the fun of it, and not counting for anything, the RLF switch places with the ghosters. Total ownage of the RLF ensued, and the RLF was left with the definite knowledge that, while lucky today while guarding, they have no chance as thieves.
    Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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      Also, this was just a skirmish ? when the RLF is accepting real challenges, and assuming my merry men are willing, we'll take on the RLF for real and not cut them any slack this time.
      Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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        Ghosters? Where? can i kill them?

        I suppose you mean thieves that take no offence against gaurds and the like, they just go for the goals... right?

        Oh and Bill? thats a kind of bastard thing to say, isnt it?

        Bwah. aha. Whee. Imma stop posting now.

        Sh33p! Shaepard i yam!

        Where be that taffer Williams?


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          Is there any possibility that someone recorded demos of the clan matches so other people could watch them?
          Many public games are nice, and some are really amazing, but you can't record every game you play (well, actually you can, but that's a lot of work for random matches). Clan matches don't have to be necessarily great, but one'd think they have chances of being amusing at least.


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            Great games indeed. I was far the worst thief out here ... but it stayed fun. And that's why i play the game
            The RLF did some great guarding (sometimes) and got lucky too ( most of the time ).

            Though, i have to say this will be the last you will see of phaethorn. I was killed the most, in the match .... and all by all, it means i will have to under a new name. The shame is just too much.
            I've sended a letter to my cable company, to stop my membership. I will go under a new ip now, i'm back to 56k modem.

            Farwell guys.
            On demand this signature has been changed. I hope nobody was insulted or got harmed due to my signature. If this is the case, I'm fully responsible for the harm that was done. Do you feel harmed or you simply want a listening ear?

            Call 0900-PHAE


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              Okay... enough reporting, now for my impressions. That was a bloody amazing two hours, likely the most fun I've had with this game. There were a couple times I couldn't slow my heard down, and I almost died when I turned around on the roof once and saw Kore behind me. I got away, but... wow. Intense does not even begin to describe how that skirmish was, and the last round was even worse.

              Of special note is Killswitch. Everyone who played today did well, Gerbil even acted as a deterrent guarding the main hall. But Killswitch was damn impressive. Not only did he carry the first round all one his own, essentially, but he was doing a great job in the other two rounds. Thieves had a couple runs of back luck, though, which (of course) explain our losses in the final founds.

              There was also some truly great guarding going on, you could tell it was organized and planned. I think this is the first time I've been on an all-ghosting team, and it changed the dynamic a bit. Kore had to jump of ledged a couple times to get more firebolts. ^_^ But with guards not worrying about getting hurt, it gave them much more freedom, and forced the thieves to be incredibly cautious. The excess of AI (since nobody was killing them) slanted the game a bit in favor of the guards, I think, but the RLF also clearly knew how to defend that map. Kudoes to everyone who played, it was a great match.
              Nearly all men can stand adversity -- if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.


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                Hah. i thought those reviews were hillarious.

                And am i the only one hat KNOWS to carry at LEAST one vine arrow?

                all other arrows are for crap without the trusty vine. That is, when you get to the top of it and CANT.... GET....OOOP....ON.... THE .... ROOF....

                and then the gaurd following you...well, you all know the rest.

                Sh33p! Shaepard i yam!

                Where be that taffer Williams?


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                  Great game to all!

                  Was very fun playing with you all. Any time you guys want to do it again I'm up for it.


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                    The RLF skirmish has to have been the most intense gameplay I have ever experienced in any multiplayer game I have participated in.

                    The guards were amazing. No doubt the guards were fearless knowing they were not going to get knocked out. In that respect, they were sloppy, as I noticed many guards running through dark shadows without a flare, or guarding the main hall with their back to the yard. The last round, Nostalgia mansion was buzzing like a beehive, in part because the lyre was in the safe. I didn't score a single penny because I couldn't even get into the house! (Believe me, I tried every angle!)

                    There were many firebolts, mostly from Mad Gerbil. Even after that thread about how weak firebolts are, you'd think he would switch to something more effective. That might explain why he didn't get any kills. Also, he spent most of the three matches guarding the front door, which was my volunteered area. Though I soiled myself a few times because of his hidden guards, I did manage to steal some loot from under his whiskers.

                    Kore, indeed, was the bane of us thieves, and I took great pride in myself when I narrowly evade his clutches. (Once I stole a stack of gold coins from under his nose, not three feet away, and escaped to tell about it. LOL!)

                    The mysterious KillSwitch (who normally plays under another name) was a welcome surprise for me. I've heard some about him, but had no idea of the level in which he can ghost.

                    DarkBill's volunteered job was to hang back, loot some, but mostly be our "getaway car." He had the vine arrow. I leaned heavily on him. Knowing he was there gave me great assurance. I even modified my typical loadout to not include a vine arrow. And I normally rely on other thieves' lockpicks, so I typically don't buy them. That's how I got stuck in the 2nd round. In the 3rd round, at the end, DarkBill was methodicly collecting respawning loot in the stable. If he had continued, I believe he would have collected enough to meet loot requirements, and would have been able to escape easily, since the sewers were pre-unlocked and he also had a vine. Instead, DarkBill leaves the stable and decides to go after the lyre in the safe, which was fairly protected with caltrops, mines, and several guards. It's a blur. I think he actually got loot reqs, but couldn't escape.

                    [SIDE THOUGHT] It's a flaw of Nostalgia that was made most obvious today: thieves cannot escape the map without a special inventory item. Notice Korman, which requires a key, or Breakout which has two (of three) exit points that are lockpickable, but alternatively, a key can be found and used. [/SIDE THOUGHT]

                    I am not so quick to discount PhaeThorn's performance. Although I only saw him a few times, I attribute his performance to an unexpectedly bold, quick, coordinated, and skillful quandry. Bad luck is also some of it. (A guard chased me into two other thieves, Phae was Mario'd. No doubt the guard thought Phae was me. The other thief was killed a minute later, I amazingly escape unscathed.) Besides, everyone has an off day.

                    Back to my ordeal on the 2nd round, when I became trapped in Nostalgia. I've been thinking.... If the sewers were pre-unlocked or a vine left behind, or had Nostalgia been escapable without either, thieves would have won 2 of 3 matches. It was to no credit of the guards that they ultimately won the second round. I was way ahead of the other guards on the lawn and would have had plenty time to escape. But, not that it really matters, because it was incredibly good fun!

                    By the way, FYI, RLF plays thief like they play guards! LOL!

                    If you guys want another fight, just let us know!
                    "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                      Greetings All,

                      I must say that this was a welcome break from the useual playing style we experiance on the public servers, and I thank you for your kind words .

                      I feel that we caught Phaethorn on a bad day, I've watched him before and his normal playing standard is far higher that that which he demonstrated today. However he was a valuble member of the team. (Remember when I saved you Phae! - no aimbot needed!)

                      I would gladly participate in anymore matches with the RLF, they are good sports and a decent challenge!

                      I'd like to thank Wildbill for organising this event, and all who took part, I have learnt much from my team members AND from the RLF.

                      But for now, I'll dissappear into the shadows from which I came.....

                      Killsw!tch - Keeper.
                      There are those to whom knowledge is a shield,and those to whom it is a weapon.
                      Neither view is balanced, but one is less unwise.
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                        Originally posted by Buho
                        [SIDE THOUGHT] It's a flaw of Nostalgia that was made most obvious today: thieves cannot escape the map without a special inventory item. Notice Korman, which requires a key, or Breakout which has two (of three) exit points that are lockpickable, but alternatively, a key can be found and used. [/SIDE THOUGHT]
                        BTW, THERE IS a way to get out without any "special" objects .... but GREAT ghosters like you should know that by now... hummmm anyway :lol:
                        (DhaThief is keeping is secrets ... hummm or send money to DhaThief help line or call 555-1234 only 99$/min, a price for allies only... not RLF )
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                          You mean, a way to get out as a solo thief? Because having a teammate give you a boost comes to mine, albeit difficultly. Besides, that wouldn't have helped me, seeing how I was alone. Hmm. Hmm. You've got me intrigued now. I'll... be back...


                          *runs off to solo Nostalgia*
                          "Garlisk's got a lov-el-y bunch of coconuts."


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                            You can escape Nostalgia without lockpicks and without a vine arrow if you have a speed potion.


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                              Haaaa well you said : "thieves cannot escape the...." thieves with a "S" hehe
                              If you where solo hummm maybe still a way but would probably not work...
                              or you know there are box in that level right, but i would not even try that myself LOL
                              [KYO] - Knock You Out