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Why dosent anyone play thiefmatch?

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  • Why dosent anyone play thiefmatch?

    The new thiefmatch is the bomb diggity. We should all play it more often. Its... WICKED.

    Seriously, I love it 8)

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    I would play, but the thiefmatch servers are always empty whenever I check them.

    Yeah yeah, I know that no-one would go on if we all waited for someone-else to take the first step in joining an empty server, but I don't play much already so I'm not in the mood for playing a solo game online.


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      Thiefmatch servers are offline now... we need a permanent one at least.
      Mutators will own... I'm thinking of the Relics and some nasty UT1 stuff.


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        As soon as the downloads from Chainsaws slow down, he will be setting up his server again. Right now there are just too many downloads going on to handle the server.

        When Machine gets broadband that Thiefmatch server will be up all the time, since Machine will be providing our practice server.


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          Yeah, thiefmatch is da stuff!

          I'm even better at that than I am as a guard in GvT.
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            *Cough* Like that would be hard*cough*

            Disclaimer:This line was intended to be taken with good humor so no flames plz
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