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OT: An OT Thread about OT Threads In the OT Forum (OT)

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  • OT: An OT Thread about OT Threads In the OT Forum (OT)

    Under "General Discussion" on the Forum Index page, it uses the words "about anything" (yes, in that order). That means that threads in General Discussion can be about Thievery, or they can be about your dog "Kitty" or your cat "Ruffy". It can be about that leet new tattoo of Bob Dole you got, or it can be about how you managed to kick someone's ass in Korman. And everything in between.

    As a result, putting the words "OT" in a thread title in this forum is redundant, and should be avoided like SARS in a Hong Kong marketplace. So from now on, if you make a thread with that lovely acronym in it, I'll either rename the thread, or just close it, depending on how well my mapping and/or music is going.

    right now, it ain't going so good

    Thank you.
    I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.