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YIKES! My apologies to the CTG folks

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  • YIKES! My apologies to the CTG folks

    LaughingRat set up the CTG server for our RLF/WildBill match. He put a great deal of effort into helping WildBill and I out by setting up passwords for admins and players, changing map settings and so forth.

    Yet nowhere has he or CTG been publically thanked.

    So thanks to LaughingRat and the Crackaz Community for the use of a great server. It is very much appreciated.
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    This is true. Too bad im a person who forgets these things very fast. I don't have a automatic thank you system, like other have

    But yeah, it was nice for them to do so much things for us.

    ( thanks for the reminder mg )
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      I can not believe I forgot to mention that. LR and Crackaz, thanks for letting us use your server, both for the match and the practice on Saturday. As Gerbil said, it was much appreciated, and I'm sorry I couldn't take the RLF down a notch for you. ^_^
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        Yup, the server run smoothly, no delays at all! Thanx LR Too bad you couldn't make it to spectate the game. I'm sure you would enjoy it very much.

        Plus I would like to thanks for the RLF message board you set up for us! It's gr8
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          You're all quite welcome.