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  • Games That Maim and Kill

    Plagiarized gratuitously from a post at Crackaz:

    Bad Vibrations:

    In early 2002, a letter in The British Medical Journal described the case of a 15 year old boy suffering from hand arm vibration syndrome(havs). brought on by playing games with a vibrating controller, the syndrome cause hand numbness and is usually seen in people who operate jackhammers.

    uncool and the gangs;

    players of counter-strike sometimes take the online combat game too seriously. in the l.a. area alone, violence between two cs gangs has prompted more than 300 calls to police since last june. including an altercation involving 100 players from two teams, some of whom were scrapping with pipes. one teenage boy was shot in the leg and another was hit in the head with a chair.

    shake well before dying:

    a 30 year old louisiana man played n64 so often tha he had a seizure, hit his head on a table and died. mom claims her boy never suffered seizures before buying an n64 and playing 8 hours a day 6 days a week.

    asian sensations:

    hong kong teen played diablo 2 between shifts at his job at a game cafe rather than sleeping. in may 2002, this habit drove him to his death. he was found slumped at his computer, bleeding from the mouth and nose. last october, a 27 year old taiwanese managed 32 straight hours of game play before being found dead.

    self destruct button:

    a 12 year old from thailand was reportedly so frustrated about not being able to complete the game bomberman that she hanged herself. in wisconsin, a woman is considering suing the makers of EverQuest over her sons death. after the 21 year old left a home treatment of addictive behavior, he quit his job and played the game 12 hours a day for a week before shooting himself.

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    See other post.

    By the way, can you get hand arm vibration syndrome(havs) in your dick?

    If so i think i had better lay off the vibrator for a bit...

    Sh33p! Shaepard i yam!

    Where be that taffer Williams?


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      LM, stfu.
      The only constant is change.
      (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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        right, which one of these threads wants to be shut down? LR's or CD's?

        your choice, really
        I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.


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          Both? Can you visualise either of them going anywhere?


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            Holy fuck, that's serious, LaughingRat.


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              I've heard theories before that those stories of people dying in net cafes in Taiwan are fabricated to discourage what is seen as a 'western' culture pervading the country. (This was told to me by a Taiwanese Australian.)

              That includes stories like a teenager getting knifed in a cafe after killing an opponent in-game in the same way, and people being found with blood pouring out of their nose after 20+ hours in front of a computer screen.
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                Close CD's; he's a loser, Thwark.

                Yeah, I died in a Taiwanese Internet Cafe once... I was in front of a computer for about 100 hours and my brain exploded... :roll:
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                  Originally posted by Curunir
         brain exploded... :roll:
                  That explains a lot. And it'll go into the team bio I make up for you if you don't get me one yourself.


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                    OK ok...

                    This is the first time I've been in front of my OWN comp in like, 3/2 weeks. Just set it up at Jah's. I woulda been home sooner, but almost got into a nasty accident on the Interstate (spun out of control and went into oncoming traffic)...
                    Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
                    "Dream is Destiny"
                    Waking Life


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                      Damn. I'm glad you're OK. You should have said something.

                      Wait until your pulse goes down. Then get crackin'!


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                        My pulse is getting better. It happened on Saturday, so I stayed at my uncle's until he could check out my car. Had a little work done and made it home Monday. Slept all day Tuesday, and most of Today. I'm feeling better now... Though I'm feeling a strong urge to hit something over the head....
                        Genius is a blink before a moment of insanity.
                        "Dream is Destiny"
                        Waking Life