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New Unreal Tournament patch?

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  • New Unreal Tournament patch?

    I was Googling some UT info and came across some info on a 451 patch for Unreal Tournament

    Has anyone tried this yet?

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    humm nice i wonder if it fix the security problems there were talking about a some time ago.

    The change seems to be all good, but i think im gona wait the confirmation from the TUT dev. themself. :wink:

    Omg btw is that you Oie, that avatar ??? O_o
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      It says it's unofficial so its possible it could screw up some things with thievery.

      The Unreal Tournament Preservation Group has released unofficial retail patches for Unreal Tournament, bringing the first multiplayer first-person shooter by Epic Games to version 451. This release includes a large number of new features, exploit and bug fixes, game tweaks and other changes, as detailed in the accompanying release notes.


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        That may be, but it also says that it's "completely network compatible with all previous public releases of UT". Whether or not it'll allow you to connect is something else.

        I just tried it on Mogs and it works fine, no file mismatch errors or anything like that. Did I see any performance increases? no, decreases? no. It seems to be more of a security patch.
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          Interesting. I wonder if Epic will take over development of this patch. I think they won't considering the game is pretty old. But maybe they can provide some usefull input or something.


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            hmmm, they normally stamp a big FINAL sticker on the last patch from my experiance, like with the original Unreal, they explicity stated that it was the last patch they'd be doing.

            We could do with testing this patch first in a closed area, i'd be quite willing to slap it on a copy of TUT and try it.


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              436 was the last patch. This group of players/server admins asked the developers if they could have the source code and continue patching the game to plug some security holes and such. They have Epic's full blessing.
              As far as I'm concerned, these things ARE official. Highly recommended.
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