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    Ok, I hope this isn't too long-winded, but here goes:

    I must say tonight was a good night Thievery-wise for me. I probably lost more times than I won, but that's never stopped me from having fun before.

    The high point had to be Asylum on Mog's. The match started off in pure chaos as the guard team stormed the cells/staircase. While assaulting the body, the majority of the thief team was killed off rather quickly. Eventually it was down to just myself and Cythe.

    A grim task ahead of us, Cythe took Doc duty and I got to hunt for vaccines. By now, the guards were starting to booby trap the vents. The stairs were a deathtrap and the lift was far too slow and noisy so I decided to risk the vents.

    A quick lockpicking and mine swap later and i was set to at least have a small warning in case i was followed up the ladder. After dispatching the pesky little spiders my first stop was the Greenhouse. I quickly sprinted out onto the beam in hopes of finding a vaccine or two below. Unfortunately the only person who found anything was a guard coming back in to check the room and what he found was me.

    I darted back into the vent before I became a ChiaThief™ and pressed on toward the last grate. Two mines waited for me on the beam outside. I managed to disarm and take one before the guards noticed. One guard climbed up on the beam as I finished swiping the second mine. In a ploy to delay the inevitable I threw down both mines side-by-side. Sure enough that stopped the guard in his tracks and bought me just enough time to climb back into the vent for a hasty retreat.

    As I fled, I peeked back around the corner and noticed he wasn't following. I knew he had to be whispering something like "Thief in vents, get him at bottom!" I decided to head back down, hoping I could beat them there.

    About the same time as I reached the top of the short ladder I heard an explosion and a low grunt of pain: Guards. Well, at least I had caused a little damage to the opposing team.

    I knew I wasn't going to live long if I doubled back, so I decided to climb down and hope I could mario one of the guards. Sure enough, as I stepped onto the ladder I saw a guard ascending in a rather menacing manner. Hoping I'd have better luck than with most of my other mario attempts I jumped into a free fall.

    I wish I had a console log or a screenshot of what happened next, but it was a unique experience for me to say the least. The mario was a success, twice over. I not only managed to mario one guard, but his teammate under him also received a split-second extreme closeup of my size twelves.

    Much laughter was had by all. After I managed to put on a new change of pants the real challenge ensued. Cythe had already managed to kill the doctor and some of the guards turned their attention to hunting me down. The water quickly became my Alamo.

    The guards must have had some sort of water fetish because they just wouldn't leave me be. I managed to blackjack a few and it looked like things were starting to improve. Unfortunately, my luck did eventually run out and I was left floating face down in a pool of stagnant water.

    Sadly, my teammate met his demise shortly thereafter and the guards were victorious. All things considered, though, it was a very good game. That was the most fun I've ever had losing.

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    I dont like threads with no replys .
    But hey Im too lazy to read your text .


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      I think it was great. I read through all of it!


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        lol good story.

        I always love hanging out at the water too. I've got like 10 KOs there before with one life from the stupid guards that keep running around in the dark.

        Then they call me a DMer.

        The only constant is change.
        (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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          That's the kind of story that makes you want to play for 10 years straight.
          Do you like my new attitude? It's called positive thinking!
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            Like yesterday... I guarded Korman and it was me Legalassassin and 2 1 other guard... The only Thief left was Master-Builder...

            I climbed up to the Attic and got inside the chimeny... Got down to the bottom to check that safe and then I saw something Brown fall infront of me in the chimeny! Builder tried to Mario me but missed!
            hehe.... this is a sig no?


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              Nice mario

              My favs are the accidental ones. I once on bourg was found in the dining room. I noted that the dumbwaiter was down so I decided to make that my escape root. I lept down the chute to land on the head of an unsuspecting guard, then made my escape.
              "They say we cleaned out the royal treasury, and took the kings wedding ring off his finger as he slept!" "That must have taken an entire team of our best sneaks." "I heard it was lieutenant Jarvis." "Impossible!"
              -Two unknown CTG probies


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                I was one of the quickly dispatched thieves in that round, Oie. Yes, the guards came down the stairs full force with firebolts shooting all over. I had started late because I was making a custom loadout. I ran by another thief hoping he would be able to save me, but he missed the KO, and I was killed. Fortunately for the guard team, there were no more thief lives...

                It was a great game too. Was one of the best times I've ever had speccin a round.
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