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  • Good game.


    I just wanted to say "hi" since I finally got registered on the forums. I have played the Thief games and have played Thievery since it's initial release (v.1.0). I think it is a great game and very well done. Amazing work so far.

    Also, I must admit that the community for TUT (from reading the old forums and now the new ones) is very mature compared to some games out there. It is very nice to be able to play a game and not be yelled at when you screw up or get made fun of for being new to the game. You guys are cool!

    Any way, hope to see you guys online in games... I'll be the decoy. :lol:
    Team ORJ

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    Welcome to this, our NEW AND IMPROVED InsanityUT Forums. Complete with high packetloss, annoying DM thieves and the occaisional spot of Myg0t.

    My name is LazerMane, i am parakeet #347, and it is my job to post stupid threads.


    Electric Monks are funny.

    Sh33p! Shaepard i yam!

    Where be that taffer Williams?


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      Hi Scrawprin, glad you like the game!


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        hi, I'm thwark.

        it's my job to hit you with the clown hammer when you break the rules.
        ph34r. 8)

        I'm not so bad... Once you get to know me.


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          Hello, I'm Lurox.

          Lurox hands Scrawprin a panflet with "Join the revolution against Dalai, help Lurox become a real tea boy!" written in big red capital letters.

          Welcome to our circle of madness...


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            Welcome.......don't listen to ANY of them. Just play the game, be happy, don't be an ass while playing the game, and have fun. Be sure to write back soon.


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              To those that have posted a respons so far:

              This is exactly why I enjoy playing "Thievery". You guys are just cool towards people that are new (even if new on the forums).

              Hope to see some of you online.

              BTW: My server that I run is called "Team ORJ's TUT Server". I often play there due to my ping being pretty good.
              Team ORJ


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                Your ping is good on your own server? Imagine that! :wink:

                Welcome to the game, forum, and err... whatever else.


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                  To clarify about the ping situation:

                  I'm on the same network, so I have it good.
                  Team ORJ


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                    Originally posted by Scrawprin
                    To clarify about the ping situation:

                    I'm on the same network, so I have it good.
                    Yep, figured it was something like that. Me, I get the same ping as everyone else to mine. It's in NY, and I'm in Wisconsin....