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    I guess it happens from time to time that some new player starts asking about .ini files configuration and other game settings without using the search engine first (or using it but not getting the expected results). Maybe it would be a good thing if there was a sticky where people could post tips on these topics. For example: how to make the visibility % meter appear, how to properly set up a user.ini file that switches from guard to thief bindings, how to make the name of the area you are in appear when you type a message ( a la Main Hall Player0: "Thief here!!!"), how to enable / disable certain things that could be useful for your gaming or would improve your frame rate, etc...

    Also, i'm particularly interested in the area name befoe your name in your messages thing, because it's really useful (my cry for help includes a "Press F1 to see my position", which works but isn't comfortable at all. ).

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    it does that arena name thign automatically when you WHISPER.

    and yes that is a great addition to 1.2....that helped a lot...i remember spamming last night in my map hoping dalai can read where the thief is and come lol

    you can also see where payers are by pressing F1 and or looking at a map
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      I know about F1 and the map, what i didn't know is that the area was added automatically to whispers. Are you sure you don't have to touch anything in a config file? I don't remember it appearing when i read others' whispers as a thief.


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        There is a setting you must set to see your team member's locations in whispers. It's in a checkbox in Player Setup or some such options menu. Its not particulary hard to enable/disable.


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          Never seen it. Again, never changed my settings since 1.0.

          Yes, Options -> Player seyup, thank you. (It was on, btw).


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            Mr K. your settings should've been changed automatically by the 1.1 and 1.2 patches.

            I did have links to a bunch of useful ini changing tutorials written by Omega, but he made me take the links down. Everyone send PM's to Omega complaining loudly!


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              Hear hear, i'm spamming Omega now.

              Again, i want to say great mod, Dalai (and all the other developers).


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                Well, I've noticed that sometimes players don't have a location. This is due to the map designer leaving uncommented holes between areas, I imagine, like a hallway between two rooms. Sometimes these "holes" acount for what looks like 50% of the map. Perhaps this is what Mr. K is experiencing.

                Also, I don't like how the location dissapears from the console. Sometimes crys for help are flooded out too fast by other messages. I review in console, but the (albeit historical) location is nonexistant. It'd be nice to include the location in the console.

                One final note: is there a console log somewhere? Sometimes I'd like to review my console to check something, but as far as I know, this disappears when I exit the game. It's bloody hard to review ingame because every new line moves the scrollbar to the bottom again.
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