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So, where are those WMD?

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  • So, where are those WMD?

    I will not touch the issue of whether the war was justifiable.

    What I want to know is, why was Bush so sure back then that Iraq had WMD?

    In 2000, CIA did an investigation on Iraq's WMD capabilities. The result was: It is highly unlikely that Saddam Hussein has the means to produce WMD, and it is highly unlikely that he has WMD.

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    blablabla presidents blablabla.

    Sorry just wanting to let you know I hate bush, and almost all the presidents.
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      Not...say...anything...struggle...don't...speak... :x
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        i know where the WMD are. they're hidden in a special place, ready to go off and blow up.... stuff.... and... do something.... to a lot of people. maybe even YOU.
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          If they were up your ass you'd know it.

          So, we haven't found Saddam Hussein yet either. I don't think he exists. He was just a reason to attack Iraq and steal their oil for our capitalist piggishness. :roll:

          GOD DAMMIT! I won't be back to this thread. I hate these posts because once I read them I can't help but post and they just create tension in a community that doesn't need any tension.
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            They're in installations all over America. Maybe George W should depose himself?
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              The WMD are in the US. And in GB. And in Russia.


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                I got your WMD right ere:

                How TuF are you?
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                  Garlisk wrote:
                  I totally empathize. Resistance seems futile though. If others at this forum are disturbed by what's said then maybe they shouldn't read or post here, that way any 'tension' can be ignored and/or avoided. If you come to a thread and respond, and thereby become 'tense', then it's because you probably want to be. Everyone has strong feelings about stuff - just don't give in to the temptation to be nasty to people that's all. (And I'm not talking about you Garlisk, I'm talking about anyone who comes here wanting to discuss or 'pick a fight' as the case may be.) I realize that can be a trick sometimes. It would be nice to have at least one political thread though - for those of us who can handle... discussing politics if we wish.

                  My 2 cents concerning the WMD question:
                  I won't pretend that I'm not extremely disappointed that they haven't been found. And neither do I think there are too many countries that are really loosing sleep over the U.S. taking out Saddam either, (other than the U.S.) he really needed to go. That much was, and has, been made obvious. And it isn't just the states that stands to benefit, if indeed they do benefit, in the long run, from all this. Well, if WMD do exist, then they are no longer in Iraq, or so it seems so far. The 'game' now is going to be: making the U.S. out to look as ridiculous and tyrannical as possible. As long as Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and anyone else that 'may or may not' harbour any 'Saddam', or just 'anti-U.S.', sympathizers, haven't been throughly investigated, then it only stands to reason that WMD, if in fact the intelligence can even be trusted, is likely to be found amoung those countries, as they are within proximity for transport. (It's not like Iraq hasn't had plenty of time to hide the stuff, even if it wasn't 'that much to hide' and hell, if these neighbouring countries got nothing to hide, then come clean and cooperate, in the 'peaceful islamic way' they portend to live by.) That's partly why I believe the weapons inspection process that the U.N. had was a joke. If you know the cops are coming to search your house for drugs or something, your gonna 'shift them' elsewhere, or dispose of them completely, aren't ya? And 'what if' there never has been any WMD? "An ounce of prevention.... " Anti-U.S. sentiment is strong enough throughout these countries that sooner or later chances are, they would aquire them. Now the U.S. has at least a semi-permanent base of operations smack in the middle of the mideast. Change will be implemented: there can be no more underhanded, clandestine, terrorist activity tolerated in that region anymore. The Palestine-Israeli conflict attests to that. It is clear the 'peace initiative' is being rejected. So what choice is there? Sit back and watch while something is planted under 'our' seats? No, I for one am sick to death of 'watching' fanatical religious sects dominate the airwaves with their brutality.
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                  ...there, I'm done.
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                    Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary

                    I will not touch the issue of whether the war was justifiable.
                    Hey.....This must be that "PASSIVE AGRESSIVE" Thing I've been hearing about.

                    O.K. you want to ask A pointed question(Id respect you more if this actually was your own thought) Then you want to take the "HIGH ROAD".

                    You as much state that the war was unjustified, and go on to say your not even gonna ask the question ? :lol: :lol: :lol:

                    Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary
                    What I want to know is, why was Bush so sure back then that Iraq had WMD?!!
                    Lets see, Why bush, Why clinton, Why blair, Why spain, Why germany(in the "90's") Why all the rest for the past 15yrs ???

                    And more importantly WHY DID SADAM GASS 5000 OF HIS OWN PEOPLE !! He's not a terrorist after all.

                    Mabye, Just Mabye, If france, Germany and russia, coulda got their dicks untied from the circle jerk of WEAPONS CONTRACTS they illeagaly entered into, Saddam(who apparently never existed either) wouldnt have had so much time to possiably hide whatever.
                    Do you believe they absconded with three trucks full of money ? If they could get that out while we were amassing our baby killers, Isint it possable more things were sent out of country ?

                    And by the way, Mr. death monger, Wheres the 500,000 dead civilians you were claming there were going to be when the war was over ?? ops:

                    Wheres your QUAGMIRE ?? Wheres your american Bloodbath ??

                    Is bush covering up 496,500 dead civilians ?? Mass graves hidden in the front lawn of the white house ??

                    Youve made somany preposterous statements in the past four months about this its ridiculous.

                    I'm Having a hard time trying to figure out if your more full of hatred for your fellow man, or if your simply jealous :grin: of americans .
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                      It's just sad to see how stupidity grows exponentially in political threads most of the time


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                        They're in my pants. Come get them.

                        DIE THREAD DIE!
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                          Originally posted by CrouchingDork
                          DIE THREAD DIE!
                          Ultra-Conservative Sexist S.O.B/ Pig Bastard (AKA: SNAFU) agrees...

                          Thwark, please close. I can smell the stink this thread is going to raise...
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                            Dito the above, there is already too much ate in the world lets try to keep TUT out of that.

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                              ...but what is the nature/purpose of Forums, if not to discuss reasonably and rationally?
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