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Za\/iX's standing in the TUT community

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  • Za\/iX's standing in the TUT community

    It has recently become public knowledge that a current Zenkai member : Za\/iX, is in fact the real "-Frantic-". As this was also a shock to me, I participated in an admin conversation regarding his standing in the community, and managed to be pushed in the dark about the past events.

    As I was rather new to Thievery when -Frantic- was originally banned, I had to research the accusations, and facts that other members & -Frantic- himself, shared with me. After reading 10 pages of wasted arguement on the old TTLG Forums, I've seen no evident proof of what Frantic allegedly did or didnt do from either him nor the accusers. However, I am not looking to dredge up past garbage that resulted in dictatorship, I am looking to avoid the dictatorship acting again with Frantic's return.

    As I had been unaware of the real identity, I had been working with Za\/iX trying to train him to be as good as the other members in the clan. As I will admit, he did show quick learning curve and that he could KO quite well for a n00b, and i can honestly say that that was a factor in him being chosen to be part of Zenkai, as well as some additional conversations with my counter-part in this guild, /\/emesis, who seemed eager to acquire him. While I have not heard from /\/emesis personally on his initial knowledge of Za\/iX's true identity before he joined Zenkai, it is unknown if he knew it was indeed -Frantic-.

    After getting the run around of information from the accusing admins, with no definite proof or conviction, I cannot be persuaded to just hop on the bandwagon based on what was vaguely explained to me. I can now understand the reason for the secrecy, I do not blame, nor will I hold it against /\/emesis or -Frantic- for not confiding the true identity.

    The real problem with Thievery, not just concerning this issue, is that there are only 2 main Servers. One is Crackaz, One is Mogs. The reason they are main, is because they are both T1 servers and are very fast for the majority of the community. Unfortunately this fact too often allows Crackaz Admins and Mog Admins to act as resulting Dictators of the community. If you get banned on this limited number of servers, you are basically banned from playing all together unless there is another decent server online. Also instead of segregating and properly giving fair chance amongst different servers, when one server is abused, all 'respected' servers are notified which results in overbanning, but this should always be specific to the violation.

    Now I understand that each admin member has had his run in with -Frantic- and has their own reasons to believe that he may have some sort of hack or bot, however the discovery method is neither warranted nor factual enough to prove what -Frantic- did was cheating.

    The proper method would be to first confront the accused, use an anti-cheat mod, and to have actual fact before accusing and humiliating. Now you can argue that if you confronted him with it, he would have stopped using his alleged cheats. Which would in turn reach the same result with less headache and more control of probation. Now if he still played good all the while he knew he was being watched, its pretty safe to say that it wasn't a cheat, but actual skill.

    Until this type of testing is done on -Frantic-, as well as a few other members that are under investigation, he will not only remain a esteemed member of Zenkai, but will also continue to earn my respect as a player in the community.

    I have made this public to allow the community to have a say on this as opposed to Server Dictatorship. While i am not trying to insult the other admins, nor argue their decision, I am, as usual, taking my own stand based on the community's decision since they are the ones who play with him.

    I ask that the community themselves decide if they would be willing to play with Frantic, knowing that he will constantly be spec'd not only by undercover admins, but by players that would like to know how he really does it. I am not trying to make a part 2 of the original TTLG arguement, I'm trying to get feedback from the rest of the community on what they feel Frantic's status should be.

    This is a community choice, and I need their feedback so do not delete this post.

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    I never had a problem with Frantic, played with him quite a bit and not once did i see him do something I thought questionable. Many people don't like him (ie: Certain admins that banned him), that's fair enough, you break the rules, you're out. There is no rule that says you have to like someone.

    I don't think KewlAzMe is trying to make people forgive him or accept him into the community, more so just find out wether or not people have a problem playing with him. You can't have a player in your guild that everyone refuses to play with. I think Kewl has done the right thing here, I see nothing wrong with this post/poll.

    Let the man run his guild.


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      Originally posted by The Forum Rules
      8. If you are asked by a mod or an admin to stop doing something, even if you think it is NOT a violation of the rules, the clever thing to do is to stop. If you continue on, you are the only one responsible for what happens. If a mod or admin locks a thread you've made, do NOT open a second with the same content, or asking why your last one was closed. There are PMs for such things. Posting a second, identical thread is spam
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