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    Thats stupid and has many pop-ups.


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      Fun for a while , but way too easy... too many easy levels.


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        Levels are definatley too easy. Ok, here's the FAQ:

        The walking stickheads are after your castle for some reason. Defend it.

        Little white head guy: Click and drag them up at least to the lettering on the screen, and watch them fall to thier deaths.
        Little white head guy with a ram: Same deal, but they do more damage to your castle.
        Big black guys: You cannot drop them from the sky. Clicking on them only makes them stop for a bit.
        Little black guys with TNT: Very dangerous to your castle, but very helpful as well. Click on them to blow em up and thier friends standing nearby.

        Powers: After every level, you get points based on how many you killed that round.
        Repairs: Useful if your castle is hurting.
        Fortification: Useful to give your castle more hp. Don't waste money on this until you have bought everything else. Also, depending on your total hp, it makes your castle bigger.
        Chapel: This is where the fun starts. You can now 'convert' the little white guys by CAREFULLY placing them in your castle. You can only convert one at a time. Once converted, you will see a little blue guy under your castles health bar.
        Archery Range: Once you start converting little white guys, you can now turn them into archers that can kill any of your enemies. They sit in the lower left tower. Click on their flag to train one.
        Demolition team: You can now make your converts into suicide bombers. Just click on a little blue guy to have him walk outside with TNT strapped to his chest. Click him again to blow things up.
        Workshop: These guys fix your castle during battle. Buy the mana pool first, and you should never need more than 5-10 fact, you can get away with never buying this. Click on the lower right flag to train an craftsmen.
        Mana pool: Here is where you get really powerful. The more mages you have, the more mana you have in your pool and the faster it regenerates. Click on the upper left flag to train a mage. There are only 3 spells.
        -Death: Click the skull icon, and click your target. Good for killing big black guys.
        -Explosion: Click the expolsion icon and then your target. Kills everything in a radius.
        -Convert: Click the blue button, and then your target. Here is where the game becomes broken. With this little spell, you can keep converting (and hiring mages-so you can convert faster) all of the big black guys while letting your archers deal with the pesky white headded guys.

        Upkeep: At the end of every round, you get all of your points and a chance to spend them on items. Very important to remember to save enough cash before the start of the round, or else your trainees won't get paid and will leave you. The 'converts' waiting to be trained don't have any upkeep.

        In the beginning, have fun throwing the little white head guys into the sky, and protect your castle. Try not to spend any cash until you get your chapel, then start converting CONTINUOUSLY. Then buy your Archery range, and pump your archers into it until you can buy the mana pool. Once you can train mages, use explosion/death spells a lot until you get to about 40 mages. At that point, you can cast 'convert' fairly regularly. Use it on the big black guys while training as many archers as you can until you feel comfortable enough to not deal with the white guys at all. Buy up the rest of your items, and buy foritfications to get the larger castle. Hire about 10 craftsmen to handle the guys that do get through. Your goal should be 100 mages, and 300 archers.

        At that point your can let the computer play itself, and write up a useless FAQ while its running in the background.



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          heh , I second that , hired 64 craftsmen 128 mages and 256 archers... GG no need to click on the ennemy kamikaze units anymore , archers do the work. Endless war without risks...

          Did you know that the physics here are quite realistic , stickmen bounce on the screen limits and crater or survive depending on their velocity (if you do it right you can throw them at the ground from low heights)

          There is no AI whatsoever , waves are mostly random with increasing special units on higher levels. Too easy... the prices aren't harsh at all too , guess it's a game for mouse control deficient users. Worst , the game is slow.


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            THe hardest thing about this game must be to get more than 500 archers


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              well i have >1000 archers and game has bug , if ye have more than 1000 peoples assigned, it looks like 100 ...

              Devs didn't assume that one can go that far

              now i'm at lev. 50, i have 400000armor, 2814834 money, 9893920 points, 48873 casualties. maybe i should stop, .... but nah :grin:


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                gosh u guys are good i can't get past level 15 :lol: :lol: :lol: Good game tho


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                  damn , my PC crashed when I was at 33000+... but what's the use anyway. Levels don't change after the 20th I think.


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                    Virus, I just noticed your avatar.

                    The only constant is change.
                    (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                      ok now i am pwning big time: lots of mages help; i can't click fast enough to get rid of all my mana even with conversion


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                        Originally posted by koraX
                        well i have >1000 archers
                        How? I was having trouble finding live people to convert even at 200.


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                          How does the saving thing work? Can I shut off the computer and start again where I left next day? :|
                          hehe.... this is a sig no?


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                            Once you've got 1000+ archers like me, there's really no point of playing. They don't even make it half way to the castle.

                            Does it even change after level 20?
                            The only constant is change.
                            (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                              cool game
                              Some Skulls are born to be heroes