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Say Goodbye to Spawn Rape.

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  • Say Goodbye to Spawn Rape.

    "Spawn Rape", bitch moan," i was spawn raped."

    Spawn Rape can happen, even with the new 10 sec invisi timer, a firebolt can change things quickly. So Ive found a mutator for UT that allows the admin to give all players temporary Invincibility after spawn.

    So 10 secs of no damage + 5 (changed) secs of free invis = ALMOST NO SPAWN RAPE.

    However, just like the free 10 secs of invisi, if you use a weapon, that voids the rest of the time you have left on the timer... However it is settable to give nondamage even to players that use weapons.

    Zenkai Server will have this mutator on for a while, give u a chance to test it out.

    There is of course one potential problem, based on location of objectives after a thief has died. Grank pointed out that with this protection, in the rare case that there are objectives by the thief spawn, a thief could spawn, grab the objectives, and run away without a scratch. However this is obvioudly extremely rare, and caltrops will still slow u down, and mines will still go off, so the problem is proababy moot. I am looking into making this timer void if you hit the frob button as well to remedy this problem, but Im not that advance at Uscript just yet.

    Try it out and see if u like it.

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    Didn't you post this on zenkai already......


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      I like it


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        Your mutator has an obvious problem: Th-Folly(LOL!) The ruby can be grabbed within 10 seconds 1/2 the time. Lower the invinco to 5 seconds, and we should be OK.



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          Originally posted by Kiech Bepho
          Your mutator has an obvious problem: Th-Folly(LOL!) The ruby can be grabbed within 10 seconds 1/2 the time. Lower the invinco to 5 seconds, and we should be OK.


          Thx for the feedback, Perhaps I will make 5 secs no-damage, and then we can still have 10 secs of invisi.

          yes nem i posted it on zenkai, also wanted to make it more mainstream... so shutting your hole is good


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            wow..all the griping I hear about it, i would assume there would be some feedback, praise, etc.


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              I've been thinking much the same thing as Sisu. A truly malicious spawnkill is pretty rare these days, and people who do it regularly quickly become exiles. The abuse this mutator will allow is probably worse than the "problem" it's set to solve. The cure is worse than the disease.

              In Thievery, any meaningful period of invulnerability is going to allowunstoppable rushes of objectives (on some maps, not all). Caltrops may still work, but it's hardly fair to require guards to use up their loadout just to slow down an invincible rushing thief for long enough that he's actually killable once he has the objective. Turn the time down to where that's not possible, and the duration of invulnerability becomes almost pointless, in the dimension of stopping spawnkilling.


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                I like this idea.

                How come it's not in the suggestions forum?
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                  Altough this idea sounds good in theory in practice it may unbalance some maps, Folly may become completly killed with this.
                  As some people mentioned here already, when a guy starts spawnraping on purpose he gets a deserved dose of BAND. You might get spawnedraped by a guard who just happened to be chasing a thief into that area, in that case i consider it the thieve's fault, not the guard.
                  Anyway use it if you think its needed, maybe it may be proove to be a good idea in the future when it has more time of use.
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                    Sisu, LR.. you guys seemed to forget about accidental Spawn rape such as thief running into spawn and guard firespamming. You also seem to forget there are two teams in this game.

                    This mutator could cause harm if it was set to a high number.. but its no diff than God mode. even in Folly... with speed and spawn in the barrel area.. u cannot get to the ruby in 5 secs.. which is how long the damage protection is set for.. No one cries about the free invisi 10 secs that can definitely allow thieves to get the ruby. Fire still affects, cals still affect.. but instead of gettin damage caused to you.. u just douse the fire and be on ur way.

                    But how many times have you been in the situation where u are a guard.. u just got KO'd or just joined... and as soon as you spawn.. BONK! I know many of you have been in that situation because I do it to guards many times a day. You see new guards spawn all the time... now if a thief tries that.. u can be protected, turn around and kick his ass. as soon as u swing ur weapon though, protection is off.. so fair is fair once the battle begins..

                    As long as the admin's have the control.. this mod is exactly what we need to stop the bitching about spawn rape.. which i heard just the other day about a member of Zenkai. Instead of arguing about who was right.. I went ahead and fixed the glitch.

                    There is however, one scenario, which i mentioned before.. What if thief gets ruby in folly, goes to exit, gets killed, then spawns right there.. he can get the ruby again and get out without harm... which is why i, or someone, needs to modify it so that whether you swing your weapon or frob.... u still lose the protection.

                    But dont take my word for it.. go on my server..give it a try... do some tests.

                    As far as rules about spawn rape.. sure.. rules.. there is always some technicality or bullshit that someone makes up for going into the spawn area.


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                      The one MAJOR problem I have wiht this is when a guard ihas a mace and is blocking the exit from the spawn.

                      Such is the case oin maps wiht one spawn. The guard only has ot stand in the exit, wait until the time is out, and then just hacks away.

                      And it doesn't stop Trappin hte entrances, like you did yesterday.
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                        that has nothing to do with this though... and who blocked the exit yesterday? i never played u as a guard.


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                          Kewl: While you may not be able to get the gem in Folly in 5 seconds, you will be able to get the objective that dropped near a spawn. You would also be able to sword-rape the guards guarding it (One charged sword hit in the back HURTS)


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                            Reading skills are key my friend.. please see my last post again.. and read the last paragraph.

                            Originally posted by KewlAzMe
                            There is however, one scenario, which i mentioned before.. What if thief gets ruby in folly, goes to exit, gets killed, then spawns right there.. he can get the ruby again and get out without harm... which is why i, or someone, needs to modify it so that whether you swing your weapon or frob.... u still lose the protection.
                            yes i know that is a pretty rare condition..on all but folly and asylum. As far as the sword in the back.. the already implemented invis function already lets you do that! Once again, nothing to do with this mutator.


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                              Originally posted by Sisu
                              Well Kewl you have some good points. I still don't agree.

                              The case you mentioned of a thief running back through spawn and thus attracting a guards attention to the thief spawn area can be a problem, but just like the ten sec of invis, it doesn't assure a getaway, in most instances you still must be sufficiently skilled in escape and evasion to make use of the invis alone. I didn't forget about such happenings, but in IMHO they are rare enough as is.
                              Rare, but in those rare times, it may or may not come in handy. If it does...then its a bonus and u can start the level without needing a health pot, if it doesn't then you still have full health.. so whats the loss?

                              Originally posted by Sisu
                              In my experiences if you need invincibilty, that means you would be taking damage, if you're taking damage that then equates to someone laying the smackdown on you, if they are close enough that they are laying the aformentioned smackdown, then a few sec of invincibility aren't going to save you. In this case I would say the invis and perhaps the added effect of catfall for the spawn duration would go much further, you can't hurt (or try to injure) what you can't see or hear.
                              If you are gettin smacked down while invis... u have never gotten away? Then you must work on your escape skills. For the ones that can escape while invis, im sure they will appreciate not taking damage during those first few hits of spawn...Also if its Firespam.. Once again.. if the timer runs out before they started taking the smackdown... then A. They should have gotten out of there in the time allotted, and B. Thats too bad.. but its no different than not having this mutator at all.. so once again..what have u got to lose?
                              Originally posted by Sisu
                              As for guards being spawnraped... again, I must have had very positive experiences because this hasn't happened often, granted if I am spawning into an insecure spot, I allow a few sec before I right click to enter the actual match, that way any taffers will reveal themselves after your loadout is bought (sound of rasping metal as sword is drawn) they then try and strike, you can tell them to bugger off at that point.
                              OK..u may do this..but thieves like me dont fall for that.. and noob guards wont know better.
                              Originally posted by Sisu
                              Think of how often a thief on folly dies in or immediately around the spawn when trying to escape with the ruby? Much more often than spawnrape I am sure. And with even a few sec of invincibility they may be able to make off with the goods, quaff a speed and a catfall, and away you go?
                              Sigh.. its almost like Im speaking another language.. no one seems to read the last paragraph.. I will have to make it RED. Scroll up and read the RED TEXT!
                              Originally posted by Sisu
                              To be clear I am not against the concept because I think it would be useless, I think that the rare times spawnrape might occur could be offset by this mut, the problem I see is more of the abuse side. I am willing to defer this point temporarily so that I can test it out and see if it might cause more harm that it prevents. I'll hop on and see I suppose, either way, its nice to see someone trying to address the possible negative points of an otherwise great game.
                              Yes you've just spelled it out.. spawn rape happens at rare points.. but when it does happen, it might just be useful.. You act as if you are losing something precious by having 5 secs of damage protection... its only a bonus! You have almost nothing to lose ..only something to gain.. except for the objective near spawn., and once I fix the frob thing, you have nothing to lose at all! How can it cause harm if no one has the control of timer but admins, and same spawn respect stays in line.

                              Everything that the invisi gives you is still there.. this is transparent as far as rushing items.. And if there are spawns left when the loot is all captured and all thieves are in exit.. even if u didnt have damage protection, thieves are still gonna win it with that invisi anyway. So all your complaints should be regarding the free 10 secs of invisi, not 5 secs of damage protection.