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    Originally posted by Sisu
    8. If the company cleans rugs, respond: "Can you get out blood?
    Can you get out goat blood? How about human blood?"
    "Can you get it out of curtains too? No, not next Tuesday, I need it done NOW!!"


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      How about...

      "I'm simply not interested, good bye" and close the door?

      or even better open the door then close it?


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        Originally posted by impulse
        How about...

        "I'm simply not interested, good bye" and close the door?

        or even better open the door then close it?

        This is about TELEmarketers? Not sure how it works in Australia, but in the resto fo the work, telemarketers CALL you, as in, on the phone.


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          I thought he was referring to door-to-door sales persons...

          We don't really have any of that tele-marketing crap here, hence my ignorance.


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            Originally posted by impulse
            We don't really have any of that tele-marketing crap here, hence my ignorance.
            Sounds like heaven. I'll be moving there as soon as your winter is over.


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              Yea down under is a great place to live if you want space


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                Tell them you live in an apartment and you don't need vinyl siding. Tell them that no matter what they are selling.


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                  from Seinfeld for anyone who hasnt seen it:

                  Telemarketer: Hi, I'd like to know if you're interested in such and such.

                  Jerry: Actually, I was just about to walk out the door with my friends. Why don't you give me your home phone number and I can call you later tonight after you get off work.

                  Telemarketer: Uh, we can't do that...

                  Jerry: Oh, you don't like people calling you at home?

                  Telemarketer: Well, no.

                  Jerry: Now you know how I feel.

                  "Shivers running down my spine,
                  whos blood? I know its mine.
                  -I am The Hunted"



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                    *Lol <3's Seinfeld*

                    :grin: :grin: :grin:


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                      I was a telemarketer for a few months. It sucked ass I tell ya. Most of what they sell is total BS anyways. Anyways, before my company went defunct (crooked owners) I was promoted to run the IS system and the dialing computer. OK so here are insider tips:

                      EVERYONE has a script. EVERYONE. They even have a sheet of written answers to almost all of your 'concerns'.

                      For the most part just saying 'no' and hanging up will stop THAT agency from calling you again.

                      All of the numbers we used were bought at Staples. I forget the program name now, but it probably has your home phone and address in it.

                      If you live in a no-call state, get your name on the list. 'Respectable' companies buy the list from the government (only way to get it!) So if any get through, the company is knowingly breaking the law.

                      Oh, you don't get on the no-call list RIGHT away, the list is usually compiled quarterly, so find out for yourself.

                      If you are on the no-call list, and want to turn that company in, it will be near-impossible to get any info from them if they think you are trying to turn them in. The best way to get that info is to agree to buy whatever they have, and then start asking for info on them...obviously BEFORE giving out any purchace authorization.

                      Remember, many of the marketers calling you ARE people, who just need jobs (these places hire in 1 day and have you come to work immediatley.) Don't be too hard on them. However, the 'seasoned' ones are usually slime buckets, and thier most valued asset is TIME. If you want to ruin thier day, keep them on the phone as long as possible. For others, you can sometimes make thier day by chatting with them...the same goal has been accomplished, you wasted the companies money.

                      Those little 'zapper' machines at Radio Shack don't work. However I ran into a cute little device called the 'Phone Butler.' Basically you hit a button and a snobby butler tells the caller to piss off.

                      Something that probably isn't covered in the no-call laws are political calls and 'surveys'...well ones that DON'T end up with you buying something anyways. Anyways the political calls are slanted, but if the issue is your bag, you might want to finish the call with them to show support for either side of the issue - since they connect you to an elected officials office at the end.

                      I think thats it.



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                        Or you can cut off your phone like I did and use a celular.
                        Feel the power of the


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                          I was gonna say the seinfeld one too.

                          Or you can just pretend you don't realize it's a telemarketer and pretend it's Jenny Craig....

                          The only constant is change.
                          (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                            - Tell them that you have free time on sunday, from 15:00 till 16:00. You made time free, specialy for these phonecalls. The man or woman will try to get you on other thoughs, they can't call on sunday.

                            - Tell them you can't buy anything from the phone, because your parents don't want it. You still life at home and you are going to call your father. Now move away a bit and call your father, even though he is not there. It's surprising how long they will still be on the phone because they can't simply hang up when someone is coming on the phone.

                            - If you have spare time, talk with them. Act like you really care and ask many questios. After 10 minutes when they want to send a agent to your home, tell them you are not interrested anymore. This has cost them alot of time.

                            - Tell them that if they want to talk to you, it will cost them $5 per 15 minutes. After you recieved the money they can call you back.
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                              I enjoy talking in a 'different' language to them.

                              Hello sir, may I interest you in...

                              HArro? You buy product? I have good preiss... good for you good for me. Okiday?