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    Tonight DIO is having a concert here in Athens and of course I wont lose it for sure... I have the magic ticket in my hands and ready to hit my head all over around
    Do you like DIO?? He is making a world tour nowdays

    Information: Dio was in Rainbow , went to Black Sabbath for awhile and now he has solo carrer.
    Hail Hail to DIO
    "What'll we do tonight, RaughingLat?"
    "Same thing we do every night, Granky, try to take over the world."

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    Originally posted by Tisfulakistakagela

    Information: now he has solo carrer.

    Now he has a solo career ??

    Where ya been for the last 20yrs son ?
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      Used to listen to his music back when I was in High School (circa 80's). Have not heard much (well, nothing really) since then. Was really into Iron Maiden back then too (recognizing your English Hymnal sig).
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