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Tournament of Darkness v1 --- All Welcome!!!

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  • Tournament of Darkness v1 --- All Welcome!!!

    Over the last few weeks I've been playing quite a bit in private servers, where you have 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 matches, and have found them to be some of the most fun I've had in Thievery. So I got the idea for this tournament that will take place on July 19, throughout the day. Here are the tournament details and rules:

    About Tournament of Darkness

    Who can join?
    -Anyone actually! The only requirement is that you can not be banned on the three major servers (CTG, Mog's, or Brody's).

    Do I need a team?
    -Yes, this version of the tournament will be teams of 3, but you can have up to 4 people on a team in case you need a sub.

    Who can be on my team?
    -Any player that meets the requirements to enter ToD can be on your team. Being in a guild does not matter, or even if you aren't in a guild. The most important thing is to pick a team you like, work well with, and will have a good time playing with.

    What will the layout of ToD be?
    -ToD will have one round of elimation, meaning if you lose you are out of the tournament. The consecutive rounds will be double elimation style, meaning you can lose twice before being knocked out of the tournament.

    How long will the tournament last?
    -That depends on how many teams sign up. I would plan on at least half of the day though.

    Match Rules

    -Server settings will be:
    * Clever AI
    * 3 max following AI
    * AI do not stand still when flashed
    * 850 starting loot for guards
    * 600 starting loot for thieves
    * 30 minute time limit + map time modifier
    * Loot drop - 50%
    * Supply chest active

    -Both teams will enter a private server (which will be provided by the tournament) and select a map that both teams can agree to. Once this map is selected, a tournament admin will determine which team thieves first. After this round is finished, the two teams will switch roles, thief and guard, and play the match again. This will continue until one team has successfully won that map as thieves AND as guards.

    -After the match is complete, the tournament admin will submit the results to myself so I can update the standings. You are then free to do as you wish until your next match is up.

    What happens if I win?

    The winner of the tournament plays the reigning ToD champion for the ToD champion title. Since there is no reigning champ in version 1, the admin team will play in this round for a fun game, but the team that won the tournament will still be declared champion no matter what the outcome of this match is.

    How Do I Sign My Team Up?

    Easy. Send a PM or email my way.

    [email protected]

    Be sure your team can be around for most of the day, starting around 4 PM going until possibly 2 AM GMT (again depending on the number of teams) on July 19, then send me the following information by next Thursday night, the 16th:

    Your Desired Team Name (Please do not include aliases or guild tags)
    Team Members
    Your Timezone (Please express like GMT -6 or GMT+3)
    The map you would like to play should you win the tournament

    If there are any further questions, you can PM me or just ask them here. I'd be happy to clarify or state anything I might have missed.

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    I like the idea really. Now i just have to find a team or see the people who will join. Maby after seeing that list i won't join
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      cool idea..maybe i'll get into it <_< >_>
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        Can i bring crates for team members?...

        Or maybe i should just see if i could get Azal to join up with me... :twisted:


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          I like the idea, I've been doing this myself, dueling and small team games can bring about a higher quality of gameplay.

          I'd be willing to both take part and provide a server for this, it'd be quite intresting to try a 2v2 ghosting only?


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            Sounds hella fun!

            (Predicts team of rodent/shug/yenz)
            deserve victory


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              Not so, my good beast, rodent has defected to the enemy already
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                Give up! You ain't got a chance. 8)


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                  Do you actually have a team, or is it just you and 3 crates?

                  This idea is even better than I first thought, Bio. You're a champ.
                  .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
                  - "until the cat is skinned"


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                    Hey, cool idea! Me and Phaethorn had a bunch of these a while back, on Bourgeois, Nostalgia, and was the best fun I've ever had! And they were ghosting matches, too! :wink:

                    Can there be a ghosting division in this, Bio? So people can have ghosting only matches?

                    Also, can someone be in more than one team? I have a potential team out there that would kick some ass, but I'd also love to be on a ghosting team. Could I be in both?


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                      I know what's going on here, Dragon. Oh yes...

                      .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
                      - "until the cat is skinned"


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                        Eh? What?


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                          It should be an ALL playing styles game.

                          If this wasnt on an important date I would be playing for sure.
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                            I just think it would be really, REALLY cool to have ghosting only matches within this. There could be a smaller ghosting division, in which I could be on a team, and then the normal tournament, in which I would be on another team.


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                              Then throw a DM only in there then, why do you lot always want special treatment, your in the same game ffs.

                              The gauntlet is down, if he wanted a restricted tournament he would have made it that way.
                              While your at it, make a tourny devision where you HAVE to get at ONLY 2 KOes, then HAVE to get a human kill, as well as ALL of the loot.
                              How TuF are you?
                              League of Legends
                              Bloodbowl by Extensions