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"Every end is an opportunity for a new beginning."

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  • "Every end is an opportunity for a new beginning."

    Well fellow TUT friends this is actually an announcement.

    From this day on our guild [RLF] will no longer be. We have decided to follow our sister guild Wraiths to the shadows and wait there for the second generation of ThieveryUT.

    We had great games with most of the guilds and I'd personally like to keep these matches in my mind to remember them and feel happier. Because I do feel a little sadness when the guild I evolved with has to close. Moreover I feel that depression because [RLF] was not just another guild in TUT. It was something special. It was the only all-guard guild in TUT and it was the only guild that it's backbone members were mature both in age and mind.

    We had many conflicts with other TUT players both because we were all guards and of course of the temperamental yet funny character of our former leader Mad_Gerbil, but I consider these conflicts as the spice of the game. Because that's what this is. It's a great game with great players and a great team of developers.

    And as the last "leader" of the [RLF] I would like to thank each and everyone of you for playing this game and having fun, because when someone's having fun we all feel better. These are my last words as a member of the [Rodent Liberation Front] guild.

    We have entered TurfWars and we have the obligation before we disband to set details straight. DarkBill is the one who was appointed the job to talk with Laughing Rat about those matters.

    From now on all former [RLF] members are free to do what they wish with no commitment to their former guild. If they wish they can go freelancing or join another guild. They can keep their [RLF] tag if they wish, but only if they are not in another guild. The [RLF] tag cannot be used by people who were not members of [RLF]. Please show some delicacy in this matter. Keep in mind that although the [RLF] is disbanded, it is not dead. [RLF] will return but not in the near future.

    I will leave for vacation in 12 hours or so, and I'll be gone for a little more than a week, meaning I will not see most of your responces, but when I return I DO want to see what my TUT friends think about it. See you in game.

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    The RLF was great while it lasted.

    I can't really say anything you haven't said already here, so I won't bother.

    Long live the RLF! :|
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      Sorry to hear that this happened. Despite some of the disagreements I had over RLF tactics in the beginning, I've grown to like and admire you guys (and gal).

      Best wishes to the ex RLF members.


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        It was great playing with you RLF'rs. I really liked the games I had with Slappy and Poe on DE. Quite intense. I hope the RLF members still plan on playing when they have the time.


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          We have decided to follow our sister guild Wraiths to the shadows and wait there for the second generation of ThieveryUT.
          What do you mean? :\
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            Yeah, do you know something we dont know?

            Back to topic, I cant say I played a lot with RLF, maybe a couple games with MG but not many. I did play a lot with Judge and I think he is the best guard around. Anyway its sad that TUT has no guard guild (again ) it really balanced games and showed to a few lamers that TUT can be fun playing as the guard. Hope to continue to meet some of you online and keep up those guarding skills
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              Have a good vacation.
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                Originally posted by Antero90
                it really balanced games and showed to a few lamers that TUT can be fun playing as the guard.
                It can be fun, but never as much fun.
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                  Good luck to all the RLFers. Even the arguments were fun! Hope to see most of you around still, upholding the honour of the guards (or stacking piles of crap and lobbing firebolts all over coz that's fun too ).
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                    I think I'll be more nice to rats from now on. For a little while, at least. :wink:


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                      Bye bye.

                      Does this mean no more firebolts?
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                      (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                        it's sad to this guild go, i had really wanted to join at one time. i hope to see all of you RFLers in games to come.
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                          Sorry to hear it, Judge.

                          GG RLF
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                            Speaking of MG, isn't he bored of ShadowBane yet? Seriously though, I hate to see you guys disband.I've had some...interesting times with MG and his fellow RLF cohorts.


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                              GG RLF, as Shug said. It's sad to see you and the wraiths go. Heck, I even tried to convince Gerbil to come back, but to no avail. This sucks.