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The Newbies Guide to Thievery(w00t! I'm so good to you guys)

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  • The Newbies Guide to Thievery(w00t! I'm so good to you guys)

    Ok, I've slaved over this on and off for months and it's finally done.


    Seriously, I put a lot of hard work into it so I hope it is helpful. It's more than just a n00b guide it's kind of a Thievery instruction manual too.

    Check it out:

    Comments are appreciated (but only positive ones are welcomed )

    FYI, This is also the reason that has been lagging behind with the updates, this has now been fixed and the site is all up to date again.
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    I want to be a newb again, just to learn from your guide .
    Good job, man!


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      Good job Chainsaws, I'm glad you released this before I got right to the end of mine...

      Still, I might keep going anyway.
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        Either this topic will get 4 replies, and die, or it will be spammed to oblivion...

        BTW, Great job, Chainsaws.

        Oh, and if I were you, I would mention something about guards ignoring thieves that are too far away, and when to move from a shadow, and when not to move...

        Also, don't tell newbies how to firespam, even if you portray it in a negative light. When I started playing, I didn't touch the firebolt. If I would have firespammed from day 1, I'd have even less skill then I do now.


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          Its a very nice guide, but, why doesn't it instruct on taking a name where they will see it early, since most people come in are called tafer still, and when you try to talk to them, they ignore you, since who is "taffer"?.
          Also, I'm wondering why your price list is not complete?
          and this is not default:
          "Frob Picking up or using an item in the game - the name for what happens when you press your middle mouse button. "
          Its the basic control assigned to the right mouse clikc is it not? or is that ut game edition specific?

          Frontal Koes can also be due to the lack of guard health, unless this was specifically change, im quite sure it wasn't.
          Please make caltrops acronim, Cals/Trops.
          LOL at the Thwark reference, same for the RSI/SS references.
          The sword is as nerfed as the BJ was, hardly any. It requires more skill to use but it is no less powerful. (whereas the tactic of KOing was nerfed the weapon was not)
          Oh and for the Virus method, he never claimed to kill anyone with it, defence only is the virus method, no?
          Just spotted, you want this e-mailed to you as well mate? heh.
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            Nice work 'saws.


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              v12us method I think it should be renamed the Aggamemnon method

              Benny heading should include the TuF admins name in it somewhere :lol:

              Maybe it was me but I didn't see any mention on How to lockpick properly ( I know the real n00bs to the game (myself as well for a while) occasionally havn't learnt to hold down the button for lockpicking so keep single clicking.

              But nice guide saws 8)
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                Originally posted by census
                ok ok, i can take a hint! Fine, ill read the noob guide to thievery. I assume that after reading this guide i will be a pro? :grin:
                Yes, probably.


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                  You forgot Dalai.
                  Dalai - The gamemaster. He made it all happen, and therefore it is customary to curse his name when you're made guard the thirty-oddth(sp?) time in a row or leave a crater for no apparent reason at all. The only exeption are the AI, which is Joel's work.
                  And then you have to include Joel. And the brain the AIs were modeled after, Joel's dog.
                  And yourself:
                  Chainsaws - Not to be confused with a chainsaw, chainsaws is the name every veteran curses because of the n00b invasion he created.


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                    WTF? What The F.....orgot what this one means


                    Good guide! Should get any newbie started off well.
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                      Originally posted by Sisu
                      And it seems to me Shug the community can only benefit from more of this kind of content, I am also looking forward to your guide.

                      Seconded, No slacking off now Shug
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                        The only constant is change.
                        (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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                          As I said when you showed it to me, well done.


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                            It's been said plenty of times, but I'll say it again. Good job.
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                              Excellent job Chainsaws. Can't we sticky it somewhere?
                              I Need Training!