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  • Starwhores Sings ??

    Ok. Lastnight I was playing on brodys, the map was grange ? (the one where you guard the guy sleeping)

    I was playing guard. I decided to go on the roof to guard the windows and courtyards.

    After about a minute this "starwhores" (playing guard also) guy comes up on the roof. He runs around me a few times hitting me with his mace.

    Then he places himself face to face with me and ...starts... to SING !

    No really, he was singing some rock and roll type song in a voice that sounded like alvin and the chipmonks.

    I laughed so hard, I couldnt stop. He was just bashing away at me and singing for about a minute. The next thing I knew he disapeared and dropped two speed potions, I pick em up and got K.O.ed by a thief.

    What im wondering is what the hell was this all about.

    How was he singing ? :lol:

    Why was he singing, Was he auditioning for american idol ?

    Was I Prawned by a guard working for the thiefs ?

    Did I take too many pain killers for my borken finger ?

    What gives ?

    Anyone else have this happen ?
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    My guess is he was singing the "Stop Taffin' Round" song.

    You can only do this by binding it to a key in the console, while on Jezzmillar (sp) voice setting.

    Good stuff when you get 3+ guards to do it at the same time.
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      Yeah. That's StarWhores. He's strange.


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        Shhhh.... It's a easter egg...
        Rather old actually...
        Was discovered, what? 1 or 2 days after release?


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          I was told the day of release about them by a beta tester.


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            Thievery Taunt list.


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              i needed that. thx Omega
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                No problem, it was there all along.


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                  I want an avatar the size of Bio's. Damn mods always abusing thier power... :x
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                      Thanks all.

                      Today there was a guard throwing a dead thief around and cackling like a madman. LOL !

                      So........How do I setup the keybinds ?

                      Ive looked around, but I cant find a page in the game to set them up like in ut.

                      Another question comes to mind. When playing guard, I get k.o.ed.(a lot) What do I do, Do I lay there and wait for someone to wake me up? Do I respawn ? Call out to be woken up ?
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                        You can respawn if there's a bot left.
                        But if there are none left and you are on a server that allows frob wake up, you can call for a wake up, yes.
                        You can do that on all servers, except Brody.


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                          Originally posted by Ř·mega
                          Scroll down. He was not only nice enough to provide the lists, but a nice set of instructions too.

                          If you get ko'ed when no AI's are left, you can wait for an AI to either wake up or be woken up(assuming there are some human guards left), or enter spectate mode.
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                          Set a taffer on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life, and have no need to bother the master.


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                            I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here (OMG! Shadowslasher!) and guess that Ted is just now beginning to play online?


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                              I think you're right LR. This is almost like when Mad_Gerbil started and was givin stories...but not quite.

                              Have fun Ted
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