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  • What is Lame?

    Ive only been playing for a few weeks now, but ive been part of quite a few games now that become all out "Lame" arguements. Not at me, but between other players. This reminds me of other mods, like CounterStrike, which is..heh..lame. I just want to know what exactly is considered lame by one person that isn't considered lame by others so I know what is considered lame or not lame when Im playing Thievery.

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    The only things that are truly lame, and not just someone bitching because they arn't doing well are: Spawn Raping, Cheating, and Firespamming.

    Cheating: This is a BIG lame. Luckily we have LR & friends to take care of them.

    Spawn Raping: Another big lame, but noone does this, and on maps like Gerome, the thieves usually are aggressive anyway and then bitch when guards fight back. Total lameness ensues. EDIT: + the 10 sec invis now...

    Firespamming: This is just plain lame. Who can't repeatedly shoot fire bolts? I mean, really...

    Other than that, just do what you want. This is, of course, just my opinion.

    Other stuff is mostly arguing over playstyles.
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      If firespamming is lame, then circle-strafing is, too.


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        Wait. FSing and CSing are playstyles.

        I shouldn't have put that in there.

        Spawn rape and cheating are lame. Pretty much anything else is a playstyle.
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            What Garlisk said, plus any of several other non-play related things, like deliberately trying to piss people off, trying to crash servers, getting ingame to do something other than PLAY or spectate (ie, run around jumping off buildings, or smash the supply chest just so you get to hear the repair tool noise), etc. Essentially anything that deliberately (note emphasis) ruins the game for other players.

            Other than that, "lame" is just a word (inaccurately) used by players to describe something they're not good enough to overcome yet.


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              When Omega owns me then he is lame.
              When I firespam the place and the thief call that lame then he is lame for calling me lame.
              When thieves win, well, this is lame.
              When I try to hit a thief and he keeps bouncing around the place instead of standing still for me to kill him, then he is using the lame "Bouncing Technique" (tm).
              When The_Lame_Man enters an online game, everybody is calling him lame because that's his alias.
              When someone suggests something to be included in 1.5 patch (or later) that is in favor of the thieves then he is lame... if it was in favour of the guards then it's ok.
              When a thief steals my traps, he is lame.
              When a thief doesn't walk straight at my caltrops, he is lame.

              Well I have lots of other examples but not the time to post them... I hope I've helped. Feel free to add anything that I've forgotten to my list.
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                The Judge is lame.


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                  People being banned for anything other than cheating is lame. As is the word "lame."
                  Perhaps repeated spawnraping too, but I'd class that as cheating myself.
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                    I'm glad LaughingRat didn't go on his "Play the way you feel like playing!" speech, it's lame.


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                      The best direct translation i can think of is...

                      Lame = Annoying.


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                        Oh, I forgot to add:

                        Insulting the admin of a server in that server ISN'T lame. It's just bloody stupid.

                        Other than that, play how you want....


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                          It's only stupid if the admin is lame enough to give a shit about the opinion of a total stranger on the other side of the planet.
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                            AHHH stop the madness! This lame post became quite lame. Which is lame for using lame in a lame post. But the lameness of the lamers in this lame thread...well thats just lame.

                            OK so lemme get this all straight. I think I could piece together the real "lame" things.

                            FireSpamming is shooting a bunch of firebolts around in one spot, correct?
                            and this is lame, but considered a playstyle? quite contradicting.

                            Spawnraping is ?

                            Being annoying to fellow players is lame

                            According to the judge:
                            Being a thief is lame, being a guard is cool.. heh.. ill take that one as a joke.

                            What is SSing, i think its Shadow slashing, but why is that lame?

                            And CSing? have no clue what that is.


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                              CSing is circle strafing. Its a playstyle that VERY skilled thieves use to circle around and KO guards that are fully aware of the thief. I don't think its lame. This is a playstyle.

                              Shadowslashing is lame because: Why should a guard slash where he doesn't think a thief is? I mean, thats just ... lame.
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