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  • Game called on account of...

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    Garlisk, take note. This is excellent writing.


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      This is my cool sig.


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        I'll read it later.
        The only constant is change.
        (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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          Paragraph 12, Sentence 1:

          However my opponent was experienced, he would know that I was coming for him, he would at the least change position, perhaps it was an ambush.
          Never start a paragraph with a word like "However"


          My opponent was experienced - he knew that I was coming for him; at the very least, he would change position, with a possible ambush.


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            Originally posted by Swiss Mercenary

            [snip...] experienced - he knew [snip..]
            Never use - instead use ? (& #8212

   (Recommended read... :wink: )


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              Originally posted by Ř·mega
              Never use - instead use ? (& #8212

     (Recommended read... :wink: )
              Why would we want to use a character that isn't even displayed properly? Always assuming, of course, that you didn't actually MEAN to say "?", which would be daft.


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                lol great writing, I was getting the impression that your opponent was some kind of bad ass stealthy assasin... with a paintball gun? I have lots of great paintball stories, with a lot more suspense and action... but I would be a fool to try and top that writing. So I'll keep them to myself for now
                "They say we cleaned out the royal treasury, and took the kings wedding ring off his finger as he slept!" "That must have taken an entire team of our best sneaks." "I heard it was lieutenant Jarvis." "Impossible!"
                -Two unknown CTG probies


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                  This only makes me want to buy my own gun.


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                    ok you convinced me... but I don't have the time to make mine an awesome story style narritve like yours 8)

                    The teams were about 10 vs 10 on a variation of capture the flag with just 1 flag. 1 team plays defense and guards the flag in a huge fort with the other team is offense and tries to take it. The time limit was 12 minutes. I was on the attack team, which was the green team with green armbands. Our enemy was the blue team, with blue armbands.

                    The majority of the attack team was sent on a left flank to try and push across the creek that crossed the field and hit the fort from behind where it was vulnerable. However before they left they needed 3 brave men to put pressure on the front of the fort to stop the defense team from coming around and catching our main force from behind, surrounding them. I volunteered to be one of these 3 people. The fort was actually just a bunch of very large bunkers aranged on the rise of a hill. Each bunker had a gun slit to shoot through. A creek ran directly infront of the fort and a few smaller bunkers and light foilage were all me and my other 2 comrades had to use for cover.

                    At first the fighting was light. We hugged our bunkers and occasionally poked out to fire off a few rounds to keep their heads down. Soon we realized that only about 4 people were actually in the bunker so our main force was in for a big fight. I could here firing from the left, it sounded fierce. Things were still slow for the three of us so we started considering an attack plan just incase the main force got defeated. The fort almost ran all the way to the boundary on the right (I hate boundaries) but there was just enough room for 1 person at a time to jump the creek then run behind the fort and dive for cover. However that 1 person would be exposed the whole time so we ruled that out as a suicide mission.

                    A bunch of people were dieing in the fight to our left, many people from both teams were already sitting out. Then one of my comrades got taken out by a lucky shot from the fort ahead of us. The fighting to the left was much quieter now, and the people in the fort infront of us were getting more restless and aggressive. My comrade and I began to wonder if soon we may be the last people alive on our team. We started moving closer to the creek, darting from bunker to bunker, covering each other as we went. I poked out of my cover to lay down cover fire, all 4 of the defenders were up and firing. I managed to make two of them hide behind cover but the other two persisted. My team mate ran to his new bunker but got taken down, shot in the side. I hid behind my bunker running through all my options, wondering if anyone was left alive from my team. A moment later a person from my team walked by, with a spot of paint on his chest. He looked at me and said..

                    "I didn't know anyone was still alive over here... well your it man, good luck."

                    My heart pounded. My team had failed to the left and soon the force that killed them would be looping around to surround me, trapping me between them and the fort. I looked, only 4 bunkers to go until I reacch the creek. My mind cleared and I acted, I knew what to do. I popped out and started firing shots like a storm at the fort, and darted for the next bunker. As soon as i was safe I heard the sound of what seemed like a hundred shots hit the metal barrel i was behind. It made a thunderous noise. At this point I was acting all on adrenaline. Again and again I darted to the next bunker firing all the way. Soon I was behind a slab of wood, a few feet from the creek. I was tired, and afraid. I knew as soon as I jumped the creek I would be shot up badly. I hesitated, even though it gave the enemy time to move to a better position. One of the refs started talking to me, telling me about some kind of log behind the fort I should run to for cover. I saw his mouth moving but it seemed he was speaking a different language, I was too far gone to understand a thing he said. I took a deep breath and charged out of my cover. I didn't even bother to fire this time. I leapt the creek and ran up the hill to the right. shots flew around me, hitting the ground around my feet. I slipped halfway up the hill and fell on my face. I scrambled up the rest of the way and dove into a small ditch surrounded by trees. As I dove in I felt a sudden sharp pain in the back of my knee. I was hit! Before I called myself out I feel my knee to see if the paintball busted. It hadn't, it didn't count and I was still in the game. Now i was behind the fort, and my enemy was completely exposed. They started leaping on the other sides of their bunkers. I popped out from behind a tree, firing like mad, I took 1 down as he ran for cover. As soon as I confrimed i had the first one down I saw a hole in the bunker another enemy had taken cover behind. I start charging back down the hill towards that bunker, firing at the hole. I hit his leg and he called himself out. A third opponent popped out from a bunker and started firing. I hit the ground behind and bunker and gasped for air. I realized I had been yelling all the way down, and the adrenaline rush was so great at this point that i barely had control of my actions. i used a gun slit to return fire on my enemies, and they retreated towards the front of the fort near the creek, and the flag. If i could take out these two guys then the fort would be mine. I got frustrated with the gun slit. It was small and made it hard to aim. In my current rage and lack of concern for my own well being I ran to a new bunker and ignored the gun slits. I popped out from the sides of bunkers like a gopher. i managed to take another enemy down, I hit him in the mask. I began a fierce fire fight with the last remaining occupant of the fort. We danced around behind bunkers, exposing our selves only for brief seconds to fire. I took a chance and charged wide to the left of his bunker went he hid behind it. When he realized what i was doing he tried to fire at me but before he could react I was around his bunker and he was completely exposed. I fired three rounds and two met their mark. I moved down through the bunkers towards the flag, I looked out across the creek to seee if anyone was coming and I saw an individual running towards the fort. He had witnessed the end of the fight I just finished. He put his hands in the air and said.

                    "Don't shoot I'm on the blue team." Apparently he assumed since I occupied the fort that I was on the defense team. Maybe he saw my green armband in the last second, I don't really know what made him realize his mistake. I responded with a grin that was hidden by my face mask.

                    "Oh really?" I raised my gun and fired. I could see his eyes widen as he dove for the dirt. I narrowly missed. The resulting battle was epic. neither of us could score a hit. Eventually he ran for better cover, and I shot him in the back as he ran. The ref called the game, and I collapsed on my back from exhaustion. I cheered loudly and got back up, and my *dead* team greeted me with cheers and praises.

                    Thats my greatest victory in paintball, very boring first part of the game, but the end was unbelievable. Thats the only time I have ever truely lost myself to adrenaline, I'm usually a lot calmer and more in control than that... but it was an incredible rush.
                    "They say we cleaned out the royal treasury, and took the kings wedding ring off his finger as he slept!" "That must have taken an entire team of our best sneaks." "I heard it was lieutenant Jarvis." "Impossible!"
                    -Two unknown CTG probies