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What is the most important aspect of maps?

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  • What is the most important aspect of maps?

    what do you look for in maps..what makes you like maps and dislike maps. do you prefer gameplay over detail... what would you like to see more of in maps? what would make maps more enjoyable for you?
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    A map needs to have a good amount of "everything good for a map" to be top class. We use the map to play them, of course, so playability is a must. We enjoy maps with some different tactical challenges, both for guards and for thieves. Of course a map without a mood and fine looks is going to feel a little bit weak. And finally, if the map has something new and cool then you can clap your hands and say "Yay! We playing this map!!"

    So, everything. Hope that helped.


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      That's the two most important aspects of a thievery map.


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        Originally posted by Lurox

        That's the two most important aspects of a thievery map.
        Playability doesn't enter into your equation anywhere, Lurox?


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          He want's to show off. If you want playability you go and play Pokémon for the GameBoy.


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            It's not my fault everything you like is terrible.


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              More than one way to get into an objective room.


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                Oh, i forgot!

                Invisible world edges!!!


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                  A map that, when played, Is just as easy to win as a guard as a thief. 50/50.


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                    First, IMO gameplay. You should want to have fun while your playing the level. And you also want it to be replayable, so it doesn't get old after a few runthroughs.

                    Second, atmosphere and realism. I like the feel of a place when I actually feel it is believable. Asylum, is an example of a well put together map that I didn't like too much because it didn't seem realistic to me. Still, a very polished map however.

                    Third, things like you incorporated in your map Payback. Little secrets and DP cans to find adds that extra edge to a map.

                    There's my thoughts.......


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                      I'd say , everything but still balanced. I don't like beautifull maps, that aren't playable. But i don't like very playable maps with only square cubes

                      Orriginaly is an important. From a very good background story ( which also must be found back in the map, in the objective way, or scroll, etc ) to little secrets and orriginal decoration ideas.

                      The gameplay would be perfect if the map could be won by both guards and thieves with the same effort.

                      Suroundings. The map must be real. That means good sounds and good terrain build. ( if you make a garden, there should be some plants and i prefer not a square garden with nothing in it. )
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                        I think the most importent aspects is:
                        1. * Orginality
                          * Gameplay
                          * Architecture
                          * Sounds/FX


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                          yea, what mOdEtWo said.....!
                          ...and all is silent, save the voice of the clock...


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                            I love the little secret passages you included in your payback map DP, I loved how the majority of the windows opened, allowing for many routes to the same place, and an option for escape if your busted.

                            I liked all the little routes you'd obviously thought about a lot during the development of your map, the wooden surfaces for vine arrow, the peeping tom hole over the bed, etc....

                            I DO like arcitecture, and atmosphere, and I think you've captured it in your map, at one point (in the small libary with the bookcase in the centre of the room) the music reminded me so much of the original Thief.

                            I think with a non-linier approach, gameplay comes as standard, thieves enjoy taking all the diverse routes and guards have much more to think about than 'guard that door' or 'set of doors' because its the ONLY way in. :grin:


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                              I got all the secret passages, and most are only usable by thieves (Altough guards can open them from the inside.... should some taffer lock them in.
                              Also some area´s got redesigned so you can use the vine, like my balcony is made of wood, giving the thieves with a vine a fast way to get up there.
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