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    Hey, i just wanted to know what is the best movie you ever saw, let me know!!
    Good bye!


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    The Matrix.


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      Hmm. Done this before, but what the hell.



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        Originally posted by LaughingRat
        Hmm. Done this before, but what the hell.

        Tell me about it, I may see it this weekend for kicks. (Tell me why you like it)

        I saw Chicago on video recently and I was suprised at how much I liked it. If you'd like another suprise see 'The Game' with Micheal Douglas and Sean Penn. Twas a great thriller.

        Favorite Musical: Blues Bros. I think it's a smart commentary on God's use of men and it tickles me to no end. We are all clueless scoundrals.

        Favorite Guy Flick: Fight Club. (I love the duel nature of Chaos vs. Order and that to keep that gal he had to embrace Order)

        Favorite Chick Flick: When Harry Met Sally

        Favorite Action Flick: Matrix.. thanks for taking me someplace new!

        Favorite 'That's My Life' Flick: Office Space.

        Stupid Films: Almost anything pairing Martin Scorcesse and Robert Deniro. These two men, IMHO, are real life profane and their work goes beyond acting into the realm of sick and vile. Hint: Use of the word 'fuck' doesn't make a great film.
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          Originally posted by Mad_Gerbil
          Originally posted by LaughingRat
          Hmm. Done this before, but what the hell.

          Tell me about it, I may see it this weekend for kicks. (Tell me why you like it)
          British made film (directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Jonathan Pryce), set in what can only be called a functional dystopia - a very dark, almost 1984-ish world. A satire on all bureacratic hierarchies and a number of other aspects of society, and so many-layered I was still picking up new levels of meaning on the 30th time I saw it.

          Also has Robert DeNiro in what I think is his best role ever, "Harry Tuttle, heating engineer".

          "Why, this whole place could be on fire, and I couldn't so much as turn on a faucet without a 27B-stroke-6!"

          Not for the kids. Interesting ending, hard to say whether it's an upbeat ending or a dark one.


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            Favorite Action Flick: Matrix.. thanks for taking me someplace new!
            Hmm, Robots taking over mankind? Human resistance fighting back? The "one" who can save them?

            The Matrix owes so much to the Terminator Movies as regards storyline, however the effects were immense, and everyone now refers to those effects as "matrix effects".

            I have many favourate films, the BEST I've seen so far have been the Lord of the Rings movies, truely epic films.


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              Fight Club
              12 Monkeys
              Dark City
              The Matrix
              Donnie Darko


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                Alien ³
                Alien Resurrection
                Predator 2

                OK ok, and:

                Dark City
                The Ring
                Event Horizion


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                  Evil Ed.


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                    oh yeah, i saw Cube for the first time a few days ago, that was awesome, i'd never heard of it before... Cube2 wasn't anywhere near as good though.

                    The Ring is another awesome movie i forgot....


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                      Hmm everyone has already named my most favorite movies! But two really good ones I never got around to seeing until a month ago or so ago are K-Pax and Momento. Both are very odd and keep you on your toes. You never know what will happen next.
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                        I am ready man, check it out, I am the ULTIMATE bad ass. State-of-the-bad-ass-art. You do not want to fuck with me.


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                          Burdcheese's Top 10*

                          *subject to change

                          Apocalypse Now
                          Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
                          The Godfather
                          The Shawshank Redemption
                          The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
                          Dr. Strangelove
                          Schindlers List

                          The order will probably get switched around
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                            I don't have too many movies...

                            Black Hawk Down
                            The Lord of The Rings (the series. They are all roX0r movies)
                            The Name of The Rose (oooooold movie starring Sean Connery)

                            Erm... that's about it. Some movies that impressed everyone just didn't make the score on my list (The Matrix, especially the Reloaded).


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                              Mah Favorite movies, in no particular order:

                              Jurassic Park(the first one)
                              The Lord of the Rings Trilogy(can't wait for the third! :grin: )
                              Star Wars Ep II,IV,VI(not a big Return of the Jedi fan,not even Leia's Slave outfit could redeem all the ewokness. )
                              The Mummy(Brendon Fraiser one)
                              Aliens 2(more action than first but not crap like the third)
                              X-men(first one,haven't seen second yet)
                              Matrix Trilogy(I know, 3rd one isn't out yet,but let's not get technical :wink: )

                              That about sums it up...