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  • Sweet Nostalgia

    if ure a confessed freeloader like me u gotta be up to Emulators n Stuff....
    and lately i found a Rom which will help me to get rid of my very first Videogame-Trauma.

    Back in those days when i was playing on the C64 there was that Game called "Bards Tale"...u ran around in a city (constructed mainly of walls and walls with doors in it) and some dungeons (walls and walls with doors, diferent colors) fighting orcs n stuff (interesting : the enemys stood in 3 lines in battle and only the first three could engage u whilst the others where waiting in the line filling up the gaps left by defeated monsters...later there where fights with lines containing some 100 enemys ). It was somewhat hard to get started..ur weak party died often, especially at night. Resurecting even the weakest Level 1 Loosers costed a fortune so it was cheaper just to generate a new one :grin:. Also it was very easy to get lost in the labyrintic sets of walls and doors that where this city - u had to drawn ur own map (which had somewhat interesting results sometimes : "What? That wall shouldnt be there!").

    Well, when i finally managed to build up a party which didnt get thrashed by the next "Mad Dog" they ran into, i tried the first dungeon : A wine cellar, which u entered by asking a Barman for wine :roll: . And down there i met the most evil enemy of all times : THE DATASETTE ATE THE F*CKING GAME TAPE!!!!

    I could get into the stuped Dungeon but the loading part for getting out was scraped! After 20 failed loading attempts (some of u might remember what "Loading" on a C64 with Datasette meant ) i left as a broken man...

    But now i found the Rom for Bards Tale on the NES! Ill go down to that darned wine cellar, find that darned wine and stuff it in the darned Barmans ASS! AAAAAH!

    EDIT : I just noticed they replaced the wine with grape-juice in the NES-Version :lol:
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    Nostalgia is the best!

    Where's my UT cd? I reformatted...


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      Re: Edit:

      American soccer moms.


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        I remember playing it, but I think I stopped since it had too long loading times, or something...

        But Phantasie 3... Now that was something!
        Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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          Old school Laser Squadron on the C64. 8)


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            stopped playing it coz of the loading times? Hehe

            there was another Game called "Mystery of the Nile" where u had to fight arabian Terrorists in Egypt ( cute little guys with beards and erm..."Turbans" (? not sure)) - it had loading times of about 20 shit

            Floppys for faster loading where already there, but that was pure luxury back then....and my parents where stingy :x :cry:
            My leet Thievery Map
            My leet UT3 Map
            My leet AS Map


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              I've actually got the PC version of Bard's Tale 1-3 lying around here somewhere. Never actually played it though.
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                Me and Machine had "Bards Tale 3" for the C64... although I just watched him play... to complicated for me way back then. :cry:
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